Monday, June 6, 2016


A couple of months ago I got a phone call that I'll never forget. My friend, Meagan, who we call "Merle" said that she had found the one and would be getting married soon. Now, I was shocked because they hadn't been dating long but what Meagan says, you listen to.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend. We traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate her Bachelorette trip! We left early Saturday morning and took our time traveling. Once we got there, parking was our nemesis (ha) and we finally just decided to go with Valet parking because it seems to be our cheapest option. 

We get to our room on the 25th Floor and settle in for having fun that night. Around 8:00 we go downtown, which was right outside our hotel, and start out night of fun. We walked down Broadway and went in many different places. We danced, sang, and ultimately had fun being together! 

We stayed out until around 1:30, and decided that the Taco Shop downtown was our best option for the night. We all ate and then retired back to the room. Y'all.. we may be fun but we are getting older. As I looked at all the early 20 somethings around me, I wanted to yell, "Enjoy it. You'll be tired like me soon enough!" But seriously...


Merle.. Your big day is coming up SOON and I can't wait to be standing by your side! Wishing you and Jackson the happiest of days! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fifteen in '15

2015 started out with a bang! This year has been full of surprises and many great, happy memories. Of course, we've had plenty of sad times but the great times override those by far.

I'm so thankful for another year to do my yearly recap post and I'm teary eyed going through social media to find my favorite memories of the year! Let's do this...

Sweet Memories: 


The first memories '15 are of my 26th birthday! I had dinner with the best and ate some of this wonderful cake! It was a sweet birthday and surprises from my babies at school to my family were so appreciated! #gettingold


McCarty sale with Aunt Melba and Caitlyn was quite the adventure.. again! I swore it would be my last year but we shall see. It was SO cold and rainy on Sunday for the sale. IF I go this year, I'm hoping for a better experience. 

Then.. we had Snowpocalypse of 2015. It was the most amazing break from life ever! Stuck at home for most of the three days and just enjoying the warmth of my house. Caitlyn was snowed in with me and we didn't kill each other, so it was a fun time! 


Landon's Bachelorette party in Oxford was so much fun! All the girls hung out, ate lots of great food and watched Cinderella at the theatre. Sweet girl had a great weekend and I met some new friends! 


My sweet Bellevue Church family drove the church bus to Oxford and gave me a housewarming. It was so much fun and I was truly grateful for all of the work that they put into it. You couldn't ask for sweeter people to grow up with and the support they show is outstanding! 


May 2015, I graduated with my Masters in Education from Ole Miss! I am so thankful that this chapter of my life is over... no more school for a while! 


Beach trip was a blast as usual. We had the cutest cabana boy and made lots of memories! We met up with family that had came later for dinner one night at LuLus. These trips are the best! 


This group of people have turned in to my new church family. This summer, I had no idea just how important this group would be for me. I love Pinelake Oxford and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. 

        Merle and I had a great day      on the lake!      


August was fun preparing for Football season in the south. One of my sweet parents from last year texted me and told me that she saw me on SEC preview. How funny is this! ;) 

Also, I began my 5th year of teaching! 


Mom turned 90 this month and we had a big birthday party for her at her church. This picture sums up the grandchildren's relationship. We were fighting over who is her favorite! Of course, she would never saw but we know the truth. :)


I had some fun house guest this month for the Texas A&M game. Emily and Josh came from D.C. to visit Oxford. We ate lots of wonderful food and had lots of fun! Come back soon, friends! 


And we did.. Another egg bowl victory! 


I had a great christmas with my family! 

2016 has a lot to live up to! I know I say that every year but I feel that I am so blessed to be able to make so many memories each and every year. There are so many opportunities to "find your happy" in life and I can't wait to see what all I have left to find. 

My family, friends, job, house, town, etc. are all very special to me and I love being able to look back each year and see the fun times that I've had. 

2016, let's go...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Claimed //Orphan Sunday

(photo cred: Pinelake)

November 8// Orphan Sunday

Y'all.. I felt that this was a great way to get back into blogging. Today at Pinelake Oxford, we celebrated all of the Orphan children that have been given forever homes and those that are still waiting for that precious day. 153 Million Orphans are waiting to be claimed. 

I have always had a special place in my heart for adoption in thinking that it was a GREAT thing for couples to do, especially when they couldn't have children of their own. I knew that wasn't the only time that couples adopted but I felt that was the majority of the reason why. 

Today was awesome in seeing that MANY couples already have their own children and have prayed that God would complete their families. Man.. what an awesome opportunity. Our pastor at Pinelake Oxford, Jody and his family, adopted a precious girl from Ethiopia that I get the pleasure of keeping in Sunday School on Sunday mornings. This girl has the biggest smile on her face and I can tell that God had a magical plan for her life even before she was born. 

Adoption is life-changing for the orphan and for the family that is willing to bring in someone of often another race, culture, etc and God puts it all together for his glory. Wow! What a destiny!

I'm not sure what adoption will look like for me in the future but I know that it's something that we all can play a part in. Praying for, supporting and adopting these children into homes that will grow them in Jesus sure makes a lot of since to me!

Today a sweet lady came up to me with tears in her eyes, and being a Kindergarten teacher herself says, " We know about adoption and these kids, we see it everyday." 

So for now, being a teacher and "adopting" these kiddos into my life and heart is my purpose during this season of my life. 

One of my favorite adoption stories that I found a couple of years ago. 

God is such a good father to the fatherless! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's time for an iPhone dump

Hey friends! I feel like it's time to jump back into blogging slowly by surely. I've been saying that when I get a new layout and look that it will motivate me to type my life out again! I've got to get on that but why wait until that time?

So, here we go. This may be long so hold on to your socks!

1.) Today was our first Ole Miss game (76-3, we'll take it!)-- 2.) Ms. Patton's Class is ready for our season. This craft makes me happy, happy, happy!-- 3.) A Friday doctor visit was not in my plans but luckily that shot is helping me feel better!-- 4.) My Goodwill game has been on it lately! I found that cute print and those bowls for about $8 total the other afternoon!--5.) First time my hair has been highlighted in months.. it's like a breath of fresh air! 6.) Celebrated a YEAR in my sweet house! I love my little place that I call home! --7.) Diet Coke is a teacher's best friend.-- 8.) It's always fun when teachers match at school.--9.) Love the small town Board of Supervisor's panel room.

August was busy with family time, school starting back and getting into a routine again. 

Lauren Ann got married and it was a fairy tale wedding! I just love when the bride and groom's personalities shine through on their big day!

I was asked to be a judge for Pontotoc's Rebel/Bulldog Tailgate on the Square. It was such a fun evening of eating LOTS of food and sharing the memories with friends. Thank goodness that the Rebels pulled out the victory with the competition and I hope our season follows suit.

I have a MILLION other pictures that I could share but for now I think that is all. 

Can't wait to dig back into blogging. See y'all soon! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Confessional Friday

 Happy Friday friends! I'm so glad it's Friday but that just means that we are one Friday closer to school starting! I know I shouldn't complain but....

I confess:

I thought I was having a heart attack this morning. I know it's nothing to play with but my chest was hurting and I felt weird. Hoping that feeling NEVER happens again. No worries, I'll be checking things out if they don't get better.

I'm loving my new MacBook. In College, I never went the Mac route but I am so thankful that I did this time. I figure my 2007 DELL will quit soon so I went ahead and bit the bullet. I'm no where near used to it but I love what all it can do!

I need a new blog design/layout PRONTO: I've got to get this done but I honestly don't know where to start. I know lots of ladies that are willing but I just don't know how to even start! I am looking for inspiration in Blog land so hopefully it'll happen soon!

Im just happy to get two blogs out this week: This summer has been a slow go with blogging and many other things. I'm working on getting my life (as interesting as it is, ha!) back out to you! Just be patient...