Monday, March 23, 2009

A little behind..

Spring Break was awesome.. San Fran. I want to go back. We had a blast working for the Lord, but it was just that WORK! We got to do alot of things that we (or I) don't ever do here at home. We redid the outside of a girls dorm, put a brick sidewalk down, and outside jobs like that. We had a great time and felt a feeling of accomplishment. The girls and guys at the Seminary were precious and they were very nice in telling us how much they appreciated our work. Our flights were good, some were delayed by no big deal. Scott demolished(only word to describe) his toe in the airport and bless him.. it was terrible. Thank you God for a great Spring Break!

I have a terrible cold and it is wearing me down. I went and got a shot today and I am praying that it heals fast. Ready for what the week ahead has.

Pray for Lizzie ( a girl our age who died of cancer-friends with Lindsay Wall) and Jordan Lindsey.
Thank you Lord for another day!


Monday, March 9, 2009

☮ Black nails.Franchesca Bastinelli.Jackson, Mississippi.=Good Weekend!

Hey guys!

What a weekend. I had tons of fun and I am still tired from it. Friday night I chilled at home with my parentals and did some homework! Saturday I got up at 4:45 AM and went to the Ole Miss Soriority Yard sale with Aims. This is our new tradition. :) Then, I drove to Madison, Mississippi to see my cousins. They are 6 and 3 and it was their birthday party. They are precious! I just love them! :) I drove and almost fell asleep the whole way home! I was exhausted.
Sunday we had a Gideon speaker at church and he was precious! He reminded me of Jack Nicholson.. and it was an awesome service. God is good. I worked WinterJam too and got to work at Franchesca Bastineli's table.. I got to meet her and got a free cd out of the deal. Her music is awesome.. check it out.

That's my weekend, and now off to a brand new week!

Love! ☮

Friday, March 6, 2009

God is Amazzzing!

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!
Today I took the Praxis, and Passed! woo hoo!. God is soo good. I was scared to death, went to the wrong place, and even started late but praise the Lord, I passed. I called my grandmother, "Mom" and she said, " Girl, the Lord is smiling down on you today!" This just made my day. I love having a family who encourages me and lets me know when they are proud of me. I have some pretty amazing friends too! We held hands and prayed in the cafeteria today at lunch for my test, and Hoby's. I love having friends who genuinely care also.

This means now that I can sign the lease on a house in Oxford. Yay! I'm a big kid now. :)

I am so tired, and fixing to go to bed.

Love ya'll! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leave Jesus's Footprints wherever you go! *

My title of this blog deals with what we learned about tonight in Bible Study. That is so true and it just made me think about things. That it what I should be doing everyday of my life and I fail my Jesus so many times. I am so unworthy of all that he gives but Praise him, he is Faithful. :)

Today we had to work the baseball game because we made this decision to be diamond girls @ ICC. What were we thinking! Really? Unprepared is not the word.. we had to be personal grocery shoppers before the game started. Gross! Don't get me started. So then, we did have a good day. Ashley, Brittany, and I pretty much dominated the concession stand. We did homework, cooked some greasy hamburgers, and had fun in the meantime! Then, the pitcher from the other team got hit in the nose(face) with the ball. His face was messed up terribly and he had to be rushed to the hospital.. pretty sure he had surgery. Pray for him! :) This was my day and now I am finishing up on homework!

We leave for San Fran in 9 days.. woo hoo!! and I take the Praxis I on Thursday. A whole bunch of praying will be going on tommorow night!

Thank you Lord for another day, help me live for you!
Goodnight ya'll.. Olive you! (hehe Caitlyn!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jesus, Can you show me just how far the East is from the West!

So, It's been awhile. Alot has happened.

Today is Sunday, I should be sitting in the 4th pew @ Bellevue Baptist but I'm not because it SNOWED!! :) Thank you Jesus, I love snow!

I have already been out in it, taking pictures and writing my name in the snow. I wish Mississippi had more snow, but you know...

I have had a great weekend, very laid back and got a lot accomplished. Hung out with my grandmother yesterday and talked some politics. She loves when I do this with her! :) She is precious to me!

School is still bugh, and I am ready for Spring Break. I am going to San Fran and I am super excited. I get to go with some of my Best Friends and I know we are going to make tons of memories. I wish that some of my other Besties could go though.. :(

Hopefully I will have time to write back on here later this week.
God is so good, and I pray that this week that I will be able to help others, and show his love in my life.
Pray for Jordan Lindsay! --