Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The God of the universe wants to do great things in your life...

Thanks Nick Young for those encouraging words this weekend.
I went to CSC with 4 amazing girls this past weekend. We laughed,cried, and had a fun little road trip to Jackson. We met up with the Ole Miss BSU and had a great weekend. God truly wants me to do missions as much as I want and can but I know that it's all in his hand. I pray that if summer missions is in my life plans then God will reveal that to me.
Sunday, I went to the doctor with a sore throat. Gross. Then.. I skipped class on Monday morning. I just couldn't get up. Then Aims finds out she has the swine flu. Poor thing. I feel so bad for her. But, I know that God will heal her soon.
Yesterday on my way to class, which I had a test, I get locked out of my house. Bugh! Luckily someone here has a key so I got in quickly. Then, today I was taking Harper out and I forgot the alarm was still set, well.. it went off. Good grief what a week.
Go rebs this week and hopefully everyone will have a great and fun time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lord. Could we have Sunshine please?

I don't know about ya'll but I am SICK, SICK, of the rain. This weather makes me sleepy, tired, and wanting to stay inside. Blah!
Harper loves the sunshine so I am hoping that we get some soon. Harper is being so good. She is getting the potty training thing 99.7% of the time. haha.
She is soo sweet.
I loves her.
My family, friends, are doing good. I love the fact that Erika got to come home Saturday and that she is doing ok. I pray that God will ease her pain and let her enjoy her time at home.
I started student observing at Lafayette High School last week and I go once a week. I think I am really going to enjoy it. :)
Hoping for a great week. CSC this weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

World meet Harper.

This is Harper. I loves her!
She is 7 weeks old and is into everything. School is going, very different from good ole ICC, but I love it. :)
We have our first home game Saturday, and if it doesn't pour, I'm there! :)
I am so glad that Erika gets to come home Saturday, I know she is too excited.
Pray that tomorrow is a great day and that I do good on my quiz.
Love you all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God blesses...

Life is good. I have had a great weekend.
Caitlyn came friday night and spent the night in Oxford.
My family celebrated birthdays at Kabuki, and it was great.
I got my precious HARPER!
She is just beautiful. She sleeps ALOT and is very happy when she is awake.
I am so blessed. I have an awesome church family,an amazing family. BTW: Pray for my brother. He keeps passing out and we can't figure out the cause. :(
I am just amazed that God continues to always bless in my life and that he cares about every, single, detail.
Hope all is well with you. GOD BLESS! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The day goes on..

Hey Ya'll.

Well 2nd week at Ole Miss and still loving it. So much reading, work, and "stuff" to get done but going great. I am having a bad day today just because I was supposed to adopt a dog, a PRECIOUS dog from the Humane Society and she left last night. So sad.

There is another Harper out there for me! :)

Here are some pictures of Aims and I living it up in Oxford. Really, come see us sometime. :)

We like cooking, easy stuff only though. :)

Aims got a flosser stuck between her teeth. It was quite hilarious.

Picnic in the Grove! So much fun is going to take place here!