Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's your life. what you gonna do?

It's that time again. :)
Mary Michael one of the cutest little girls I know rolled it with her aunt shell. Too bad Michelle is one of my best friends and my house got chosen! :)
Oxford Mississippi is treating me well. I love it here and I am so proud that I made the decision to come to Ole Miss. I am swamped with school work though, and I am so ready to get done with all this busy work. I am ready to teach those precious little chillens, and hopefully make them learn some important stuff.
My uncle Waymon died last week and we had a touching, sad, and happy funeral for him. God surely blessed his life and he used him to bless my life. You will be missed uncle waymon. Also, a dear sweet man from my church ,Mr. Richard lost his battle with cancer. I am so sick of bad news but these two men are no longer suffering. Praise the Lord.
Happy Halloween and Fall! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here..

Pumpkins. leaves. candles. I just love fall....
I am so excited that it is here. Rolling yards, here we come. School is going good at the moment besides the fact that i'm 100% that my computer has a virus! Stupid thing.
Well, I am excited that Ole Miss had a great WIN this weekend and so excited for next game. We froze, but had fun doing it.
I am excited about this week. Bunco, school not being so stressful, and times with my family.
Harper is doing good, biting and being a puppy, but I loves her!
See ya'll soon. Enjoy this COLD weather!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll....

Life has been busy here in Oxford, Mississippi. School, fun, football, and shopping. All of my favorite things in life all mixed in one. Haha. Aims is finally over all of her illnesses, and we are back to normal. School is stressful, and I'm jealous that most of my friends are getting fall breaks. :(
Mrs. Annette died last night of cancer, so please remember her family. She was a sweet lady and I pray that she is in a better place. :) RIP Mrs. Annette!
Ole Miss vs. Alabama Saturday. HOTTY TODDY! It's going to be a crazy day in Oxford. Can't wait.
I am having fun in my education classes. Today, I was talking to a little boy, Atticus and we were talking about his life. He told me that he used to have a mother and I asked him what he meant. He said that she was in heaven and it just broke my heart. I told him that she was watching him and he said, "oh, I know. It was precious! :)
God knows exactly how to take care of us when we need it. Thank you Lord for that.
Harper got to visit the Pumpkin sale and the picture up there is proof.
Loving this fall weather. No more rain, please!
Shell and I babysat last night. 2 girls=13 kids! Wow. It was an adventure. They liked to handcuff us. It was a fun night.

God, please let us remember that you care about every little detail of our lives. So, please let the rebels win saturday. HOTTY TODDY!
(haha. just kidding. Sorta!)
Love ya'll!