Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010. hopefully. The best year ever.

2009.. What a year this has been. One of the best of my entire 20 years!

Just to let you in on this..

*The deaths of Aunt Etoyle,Uncle Waymond, Mrs. Annette, Mrs. Eva Faye and Mr. Floyd. All of these precious people have impacted my life one way or another. :) They are living it up with Jesus now.

* Erika's automobile accident. It really opened my eyes to not take anything for granted. She is still suffering from this but praise the Lord she is in GA getting therapy now. God Bless her and her family. :) Love you E!

* Nikki's Wedding- Beautiful and a sweet memory. :)

*Mom telling us a Tiger Woods joke @ Christmas. She's such a precious lady.

* Harper Grace came into my life. She is the sweetest ball of fur in the world!!!

*Montana-Summer Missions. By far the best summer of my life.

(excuse the Paper, please!)

I want to do missions somehow, someway! :)

*Transfering to Ole Miss. Great new friends, Grove, Football Games. BSU! HOTTY TODDY!

(might I add that I had all A's and B's.. pretty pumped!)

* MANY,MANY good times with Friends.

Party @ Ashley's with all the summer missions people, visits from friends in Oxford. Restaurants in Tupelo. We always find ways to hang out and have fun.

* Moving into my own HOUSE! I love it. Come visit us in Oxford.

* Roadtrips to Jackson, Memphis, and many other random places. Always fun!

* I'm now a preschool teacher at my church. I love it! :)

* Overall a very great year. May God bless me this year and reveal his plan for me.

Happy New Year 2010. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hold my Heart.

I need you Jesus to hold my heart. I need to read my Bible more, pray harder and more specifically, and live out my Faith even harder. Lord, You can do that in me and I pray that it starts happening NOW!
God has big plans for me this next year, and I just feel it. I am hoping for a great school year, my husband to be introduced to me Ha!, and to LOVE on people and show them that God loves them to.
2010--Here I come!
I have been reading books about missionaries and listening to praise music like crazy lately. I feel like I'm not doing enough and I need to start doing more for his kingdom. If that's going to Africa for a mission trip, I'm down, or staying in Pontotoc, Ms for the rest of my life. I'm down. Hopefully he's reveal his plan to me in his perfect time.
That's my heart right now, just thought I would share.
Today, I am at work playing on the internet all day. It couldn't get any better than that. I had my grandmother's Christmas Saturday and she is just precious. She is 84 and she made a Tiger Woods joke. It just made my day. I sure hope to be just like that woman when I get old and gray. She is hardworking, faithful to her Lord, and speaks her mind most of the time. I love it. Christmas is such a special time at her house and I love the tradition so much.
Well, that's all I've got. Saw Houston Nutt this morning when i came into work. Sure hope those Rebs are getting ready to kick tail at the Cotton Bowl.
Hotty Toddy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Life

Here we go. Random Post..

Harper is having female surgery today and I am so sad for her. I made her look cute for the doctors though, she had a pink collar and a pink bow in her hair. :) No, I very rarely do this to her. haha
I have been making tin Christmas ornaments for friends/family this morning for little Christmas happies. Seems like when I am at home with nothing to do I always find a DIY craft to do. I love making things and designing things for my apartment.
I am anxiously awaiting the Christmas presents that I ordered to arrive in the mail anyday now. Ugh! I am ready for them to be wrapped and under the tree. :) I just love Christmas Time.
We went last night to my "Mom's" church and watched their Christmas play. Good job, Friendship Baptist. It was too cute.
Oh, I made the Dean's List @ Ole Miss. Woo hoo. I was pretty pumped.
Hopefully I will get some things done today that have been waiting on me to finish them.
Love ya'll.
Elle Pea

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wedding Weekend :)

going to the chapel and we're gonna get married....

That was us this weekend. Nikki finally married that boy named Nathan. It was precious, very simple and Nikki looked BEAUTIFUL!

We had a great time helping her get ready and Merle and I had a sleepover Friday night. We acted goofy and had a fun girls night. :) Love you Merle.

I am in Oxford and I love it because there is No one here. It's empty and I can speed through town. :)

I am working some this week and then it's Christmas time for me. I am so ready to find out grades tomorrow, it's killin me.

Pray for Aims. She is in Peru. I'm so proud for her. :)

Love ya'll!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You're gonna do great things.. I already know.

Finals.. Here we are again.

I hate them and I am ready for them to be over. I am sitting in Oxford, listening to K Love online and trying my best to CRAM for these things. Listening to Christmas music is making me happy too. :)

I have had a great weekend. We had Nikki's shower this Friday night which was a great night for all of us. We had LOTS of fun and I will put pictures up as soon as I can. Saturday, I shopped all day with Mama and Mom which of course was a blast. My grandmother just makes my heart smile. She is so precious.
That night I went and ate with a friend and we had some good conversations.

I am ready for CHRISTMAS. I can't wait to be with family, not be stressed, and be able to celebrate Christmas for what it is.

Please pray for our Church family. Mr. Floyd Gardner died who was a member of our church and like a papaw for all of us. He will be greatly missed but is living it up with Jesus tonight.

Chad.. that video you posted on your blog was pure amazing.. Made me think, that's for sure.

Love ya'll! :)