Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a week.

Wow! I'm super tired and it is 7:10.

These 4 classes on TTR thing, not so much. I hate it. I'm working everyday and going to school and it sucks. I know that it is preparing me for a great future though. For that, I am grateful.

I am praying for Bro. Rusty Miller who went missing Tuesday afternoon. Please pray for his family and a safe return home. Also, Erika, Richard, Andi, and many others that need our God's help. He knows what he is doing. :)

I'm so excited about the possibility of snow this weekend in MISSISSIPPI! :) We never get it so we'll see what happens.

This is what I am enjoying at the moment. You just can't beat it. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Random. Things I like. Just because.

Totally random.

Just how I feel today. These are things I love.

Jumping Pictures with friends.

Hope you have an amazing weekend and do exactly what you wish! :)

The way I like to decorate my house. Eclectic.
I kinda found this picture. I love my chacos though. Best shoes! :)

Thrift stores-Pretty much my obsession.
Mississippi Magazine- Especially the Bridal Registry! :) Anything Wedding planning.
Antique Stores. Yes, those too.

Gerber Daisies. My Favorite. :)

The list could go on and on. God has blessed me soo much in my life and I am forever greatful.

The Bible, an awesome church family, Family and friends are some of my most prized possessions and things that I am forever greatful for. Thank you, God!

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. Phillipians 1:3

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to my cottage..

I decided to show you my house in Oxford, Ms! Hotty Toddy. I love Oxford! :)

This is our living room. Our painting is our favorite thing.

Our kitchen. We put together all of this mostly from furniture people had given us and thrift shopping. It's a hobby of ours!

These are pictures of my room. I pretty much LOVE it!

I decorated my room by myself. It's all eccletic. Notice Harper's blue bed next to mine! haha :)

My walk in closets. This pretty much sold the house for us! :)

Bathroom sink. I like stuff that doesn't match apparently! haha

Bathroom. It now has a big colorful mirror above the toliet.

This hangs on my door going into my room. I love this!
I love my house. It's my own place, and I have a pretty cool roomate too. I love coming home and relaxing. God is good and has blessed me so much to be able to have my own place. Come visit us. I guarantee you'll love oxford too! :)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saved by the Bell.

School is back again.
I guess I am ready to get back in the swing of things, and get this semester rolling. Harper and I are glad to be in Oxford. We have gotten a lot done today.

I had fun buying groceries and then came home and cooked a Sausage/Cream Cheese casserole.

Michelle moved into her new house today and I went and checked out where it was. It's really pretty and I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time there.

My Friend, CAITLYN, was informed today that she is going to do a commercial. SHe is beyond excited and I am so excited for her. She's was born for broadway. :)

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Back in Oxford, Life is good! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

God's got his hand on you! :)

Welcome to the World, Christopher Rourke Stevenson!

Boy, is he precious. Love his family!

This weekend has been a lot of fun. I went out to eat with Caitlyn friday night at our favorite, Cracker Barrel.

Saturday, Little Africa is where I was. People this was fun. It's a place in memphis and i got a coach purse for $15 and my mother got some stuff. We were a little scared but most of all had a ball shopping.

Sunday we had a great church service and God definetely was present Sunday. There are tons of families in Pontotoc county that are going through tragedies and God knows and is helping already. Our pastor was very upset because Rodney Roberts was a family friend of theres. Please pray for this family.

Harper and I are sitting in Oxford ready to start a new semester. I sure hope you all had great weekends. :)

Here are some more precious pictures of Rourke. Couldn't you just eat him up...

Does she look like she just had a baby. Absolutely not!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just a little of what's on my heart!

Rourke Stevenson is here!
I can't wait to see him.
I was bored at the house last night and I started watching the St. Jude's Marathon. Goodness, wanna talk about tears. I was so humbled and shown that I am beyond blessed. Those precious kids were in so much pain and devestation and yet they smiled more than I do on a daily basis. God convicted me right then and there. I have so much to be living for and yet, I sit on my tail and do nothing.
I decided that I would love to be a Child Life Specialist there one day. You have to have an education degree so there we go. :)
Also, Africa. Yes, Very much still on my heart. I wanna go. Hug and kiss on those kids. Give them Love that God gives me. Pray for me here.
This song was written by Dave Barnes and is called 10,000 Children.

Talks about Africa! Precious!
God has big plans. Let's join him!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harper Grace

Today has been a great day. I slept late and then spent some time with my "mom". Please remember her in your prayers. She is more than likely going to have a Cornea Transplant and for an 85 year old, that might not be so easy. Those wonderful eyes of hers have seen hard times and precious memories. I just love her, in case you can't tell.

Wanted to show you some pictures of my Harper!

Before her haircut:

and after:

Praise the Lord her hair is growing. I miss her long, shaggyness. haha
On a more serious note, I am heartbroken for the people of Haiti and also those precious children at St. Jude. I am watching a program and my heart is breaking. Truly shows me how amazingly blessed I am! Thank you, Lord! :)
Let's pray for all these people and children, ok?
God bless!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just living this life..

I won a Blog award! Thanks a lot. I'm excited.

rules: List 10 things that make you happy!

* Harper Grace--My precious Maltese.

* Friends that are there for all occasion. I find the best in many friends.

* Mi Pueblo- Best Mexican in the world.

*My family. They are my world.

*SHOPPING! If only I could do this for my job.

*Driving-Road Trips. I love anything Random.

* Music- Country, Christian, pop. Anything I can sing along to.

* My laptop=Internet. Love it to death.

*Pictures! I think I have a million!

* Last but not least. God. He saved me and he wants me to tell the world. Mission Trips!

Now.. I have to pick ten people for this award. You do the same thing I did if you get it.. here goes..

This week has been laid back and full of getting things done before school starts. My books have slowly been arriving in the mail and it seems like this semester may be just a tad bit hard. :)

I can do it, I think..

Harper got a much needed bath Monday night and she looks so nice and clean. Her hair is slowly growing back. She got a hair cut last week and her mama let them cut it wayyy too short. Mrs. Rebecca did exactly what I asked of her but it was my mistake. She looks so cute now that it is growing back.

Harper has been sleeping in my bed this week and I guess this will continue. I said she would never do it, but I guess you should never say never, huh?

Last night Mama and I went to Tupelo and saw "Annie". It was sooo good. We were there with about 500 little girls and their families but we loved it just as much as they did. Thanks, mama for this treat! :)

It's almost time for school to start back and I can honestly say that I am ready. I'll regret this in a week or two. :)

Have a great week. God bless!