Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cry out to Jesus!

Tonight has been a great answer to problems. Be patient! God knows what's happening with you. Just let him work his magic, he knows what he's doing. :)

I have been dealing with a bunch of mess that is so selfish, and I really just need to be patient and let God do his wonderful thing! :) Thank you God for loving me enough to deal with my miniscule difficulties. You're awesome and so powerful.

God has an amazing plan. I hope to see it come to fullfillment soon!!!

You tell off on yourself
by the friends that you
Pretty good stuff, huh!
Have a great week. I'm tired of test taking, but things are looking good. :)
Happy rest of the week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just wanted to share this:

I went to Bible study tonight at First Baptist. I'm so glad I did.

Kyle talked about how girls were made to be pure, beautiful and to revere to our husbands and trust them to take care of us.

He said that guys were to be leaders of their homes and be the spiritual leader for his wife.

It was a beautiful picture of heaven also. He related how a earthly marriage is the picture for us about heaven. It was awesome how he described the whole picture. When a man and a women come together in love its just like how God saves us and it's a perfect "marriage".

He also said that a marriage is so special because it is 2 people doing "life" together. The world has this idea so screwed up. We should find a spouse to make us a better person and when people see our marriage, it should point and remind them of Christ. :) WOW!

Also, he said that while most of us are sitting around whining to God about how we don't have that special someone, God is making us into that person that we need to be for our special person.

I am amazed. God is so good. I know his plan is so much better than mine and I can't wait to see what he has in store for my life. :)

Thank you God for letting me here an awesome sermon come from a man who is in love with you and is blessed because of it. :)
He also used a John Piper quote. I'll post that later. :)
Good stuff!
"I don't think God is impressed by slapping an icthus on the back of our agendas and asking Him to bless it...God is not 'your co-pilot' as if you and Jesus are in the front seat- you're steering while He's riding shotgun sipping on a Mocha Frappuccino and making suggestions...the reality is that King Jesus is driving this whole thing" -Claude Hickman

I'm pretty sure I do that a lot.

Are you having a good week?

I am. Besides a headache and a test, Life is good! I am ready for the weekend though.

This movie was a part of my weekend. WOW! It is so good. I hated the ending though. Sorry, if you haven't watched it. :)

Sure made me so much more supportive of our American Soldiers and what they go through.

Dear John,

Ok. See you soon then!


Something that is going on in my life now is the decision of Ole Miss to take away Colonel Reb. How stupid is this? This is tradition and people, it isn't offending anybody. That's my opinion.

Just a little of my life. Talk to you again, soon! :)
Elle Pea

Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm so glad that God is with us no matter
what and that he doesn't care if we have an "off day".

I have been thinking this week about how
we need an eclectic group of friends in our lives to build us
up and be like family to us. We may all struggle with friendships and have our
fights, but in the end we should thank God that he gave us lots of people to
share life with. This has just been heavy on my heart this week and I needed to
get it out in the open I guess. :)

A lot has happened this week. School is
stressful as always but I am getting excited about becoming a teacher. We went
to NMRC(North Mississippi Regional Center) yesterday for our overview of our
Special Education Observation. Excited beyond measure. I can't wait. The more
that we talk about the types of Mental Retardation and other diseases,
I am pretty sure that I would love to work with the Severe students with this. I
know that it will be a hard job to leave at work, but I believe that they need
to know the love that most people are scared to give them. :) Just a little
about what is going on in my world.

God has blessed me so much and I keep that
to myself so often. I am definetely working on being more open about my
relationship with my Savior. God just wants us to love him and love others and I
mess that up so often.

We had international game night last night
at the BSU and it was great. I got to talk to a precious guy from India who
shared his Hindu faith with us and interacted with us. Blessed my little Southern heart. :)

Thank you God for blessings, friends,and
help me to be less judgmental and have a lot more patience with
things in my life.