Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life is amusing.

Similarities create friendship's while differences hold them together.

Life. It's a beautiful thing.

I love:







my Family

Blue skies

green, green grass


Bellevue Baptist Church





.. get my drift?

Honestly, I just need to clear my mind and list everything that I love and have to be thankful for.

God is our best friend, always and even after a bad day he's still there to love us up. Praise him!

Funny thing is. I often forget, neglect, and have nothing to do with him during the day. I'm really trying to work on this because it makes me sick.

School is almost over and I couldn't be more ready. This semester has been draining. It'll be so worth it in another year and a half though. :)

Hope your weeks have been lovely! Have a great weekend.

Not sure what is in store for me.

This little ball of fur can make me feel better!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Praise the Lord, that week is over!

Last week was a doozie!

It was terrible, stressful, and tiring. 3:30 mornings and that is absolutely no fun!

Anyway.. Papers are turned in, school is almost over. For now anyway. Because yours truly is doing 3 classes this summer. Ugh!!

My frand Caitlyn and I went to Mi Pueblo friday night for a relaxing, catch up on your week meal.

Saturday, Michelle and I went to Double Decker and have a great time. The music was pretty good. Had fun! :)

Sorry the picture is from Facebook!

Today we voted at church to get a church bus and I think it is going to be a great ministry for us. God is good! :)

Finals are coming up and I am ready for them to be D-O-N-E!

Oh, BTW Ole Miss just swept LSU! :) Hotty Toddy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost over.

Life is rolling on. Wow. I can't believe I am almost an adult. How scary is that?
This week has been crazy! I just can't seem to catch up, get ahead, must less get sleep. Oh well. One day I'll look back and miss these days. I hear all the time, "These are the best years of your life!" How true it is! I love these days but I am ready for life without homework.
Interesting points of the week:
* Went to observation @ NMRC! Love it. Autism is being introduced to me and man, it is intense. So glad I get to learn about it first hand.
*I went to the BSU Commissioning service tuesday night, and God revealed he had something big for me. Not sure yet what that is. Summer Missions next summer, maybe?
Made the decision, finally to stick with Elementary Education/Special Ed endorsement(concentration). I really feel a calling to Special Ed so that is probably what I will end up doing. :)
God has big plans. I get overwhelmed, scared, and frustrated with myself over all of the decisions. Why can't I just hang them over, which is exactly what he is waiting on anyway! God take the pen away from me, and write my story. :)
* Saw this quote on a FB page and it literally described what I was going through. Love those little reminders.
When His sovereign plan and your earthly plan collide a decision must be made. Who is in charge of this journey?
so true. huh?!
Hope your week has been great.
Red/Blue game tomorrow, Dexter McCluster in the Grove, and Goodbye Colonel Reb. Busy day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy, Fun life!

I can never find time to blog as much as i would love to. To my blog, I'm sorry.

I have been crazy, busy with school and it has recently hit me that I am extremely ready to be out of school. I know that I have the whole rest of my life to be an adult but I'm just stressed and over this. College has been, by far, the best years of MY LIFE!

NMRC is still somewhere that I enjoy going every week and I'm sad that it's almost over. God has definetely shown me this year that I can't always be prepared and stuck in my ways because now I am debating whether to stay in Elementary Education or change my major to strictly Special Education. I enjoy working with those children/adults so much more but I do not want to be stuck in something that I can't get out of. God will provide and he always answers prayers.
This is my sweet class...
We are redoing- and I mean completely redoing our house. I don't love going home on the weekends and being in the mess, but man it is going to be lovely when it is done. My mama will be greatful to have the house that she always dreamed of. :)

I got my altima fixed and got to drive a small, blue car for 3 days. I called it the blue dolphin and was not used to it at all but it sure got me to where I wanted to go.

We had a great Easter. Mom came over and we had a relaxing day just eating and catching up with her. Here's just a sweet picture of her..

I've signed a lease for The Exchange for next year, pretty much know I am doing my student teaching at Lafayette Elementary School, and I am trying to make all a's and b's to finish the year out. Life is hectic but I'm doing it. God is good and he will help me through. :)

Hopefully blogging will be done more frequently from now on.