Monday, August 30, 2010


"If you disappeared how many of your friends would fit your description."

I saw this in our school newspaper and I loved it because we should strive to be our own person and not mold ourselves into what others are.
Also, I saw this on someone's facebook and I loved it.
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. ~Herman Melville
I need to work harder on this because I think we all try to please and fit the mold.
Today was my first day of Senior Student Teaching and I really had a great day. My teacher is completely different from what I am used to and I pray that God just lets us bond and become friends. Pray that I have a great year. I can finally see the end! :)
Praying for a great week.
Wedding weekend ahead. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happenings in my life.

Well.. Jumping right into the first week of school! :)

I love my roomates, my new apartment, and the classes that I am in are very helpful. The lines, the new freshman, and the parking is once again an adjustment but it'll slow down and get better. Caitlyn, my dear friend, had a 20th Birthday party at The Grill in Tupelo last weekend. She got some great gifts and we had a great time laughing and catching up with all the girls and... Flirting with our adorable waiter!After dinner we went across the street to Fairpark and had this fun time.

(ashley, I stole this off your facebook!

We have Survivor Weekend at the Baptist Student Union this weekend and I am on the Transfer Ministry Team. I am very excited about helping the transfers find their place on this HUGE campus because last year I was exactly in their shoes. (Pictures will be on here soon!)

Last night Shane and Shane gave a concert to our Campus and it was a great one! We all praised the Lord and had fun just hanging out with tons of college students. Go look them up if you don't know who they are.

I think it was a neat experience because I got to hang out with some of my good friends that interned for them and some that still are interning in Texas with them!

After the Concert, One of the SHane's came out and spoke about WorldVision. It is an amazing organization that sponsors kids through your donations and monthly givings. Well.. of course it tugged on my heart strings and Lane and I adopted a girl named Esnart from Zambia, Africa! :)

She will be one loved and prayed for little girl!

Please pray for her and her family. Also, pray that we may have an impact in her life and support her in so many other ways besides financial stability!
I would say this has been a great 1st week as a SENIOR! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

So many Changes.

Oops.. Just found this in my blog box. Guess I never published it! :)

Here I am about to leave my 1st "big girl" house.

I quickly found out that I have entirelllly too much stuff. I loved my little blue house and it was a great house to get used to the "university" life in. :)

I took 2 classes this summer and I am so glad that I got those off of my plate. :)

It sure is going to make my Senior block soo much easier.

I moved into "The Exchange" last Sunday and I am having a great time. My roomates are precious girls and we are going to make some great memories. I'm way too excited.

God sure knows what he is doing and I am so glad that he just took all of this in his hands and took care of it for me.

Tomorrow is my last first day of College and I am so excited to start and see how stressful it is going to be. :)

We are all doing this together and we are about to head out and go spend WAYYYY too much money on books. :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Put it all together.

It has been forever since I have written a blog. Wow. So much to tell.

Babysitting a 4 and a 3 year old has been the life of mine for 3 weeks. They are precious and they definetely show me that I am not ready for babies anytime soon! :) (I'm really just kididng).

They are both starting a daycare next week and they are pretty sad about it. They want to stay with" Miss Wahren" (lauren)

I have been playing this fun game with them though and it is called, Elefun. I want to have this in my classroom one day. Ansley and Addison LOVE it!

Addison is 3 and I have been helping potty train her and boy is that a job? Patience is a virtue. Let me tell you.

School is starting back up on Tuesday and I have Senior (wait, what?) is Friday. I am so excited and yet so sad that it is my last year in college! I have absolutely had the time of my life these last 3 years and I can't wait to see what God has planned for this year!

Bre Anna, mama and I went to eat last night for a girl's night and then went back to my apartment for a while. It was a fun time. I have so much to share on here but time doesn't allow tonight. God is working and I am so excited to see what happens. BTW: Bre Anna is my brother's girlfriend and I couldn't ask for a nicer girl! :)

I can't wait to share pictures of my adventures in babysitting and also my new apartment. I am in a great place in my life right now and I couldn't be happier. :)

Please pray for a successful school year full of fun times, great memories with great friends, and following God through it all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here we go.

* I found out this week that I am doing my Student Teaching at Lafayette Lower Elementary School. I am super excited and can't wait to find out what grade I will be in.
* I am moving into my new apartment Sunday and I'm not even that prepared! haha
* I made two A's in my summer school classes.
* God has a plan for my life and I can't even comprehend how good it is going to be.
*My "Mom" (grandmother) is turning 85 this year and she can still outrun myself.
* The weekend is almost here!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Long Time.

It's been a longg time. Here we go with Confession Sessions.This seems like a lot of fun so I linked up with Pink Lou Lou and gave it a try. :)
1.) I am a Senior in college (Ole Miss, none the less- #5 party school in the nation, and I have NEVER tasted alcohol. No desire. Just a personal decision. I have no problem with people that do , it's just not for me. Everyone has their convictions. Right?
2.) I have an addiction, SHOPPING! It's a problem but at least I'm smart about it and can admit there is a problem! :)
3.) I'm usually late for everything, even though I try not to be.
4.) I am obsessed with planning my wedding, baby's names, and all those fun decisions in life.
5.) I love being a Southern girl and love to decorate and make things look presentable.
6.) I love doing crafts even though sometimes they don't turn out very well.
7.) I love my dog Harper but will admit that she is hard to take care of. :)
My parents tried to tell me to wait...
8.) I can not wait for football season and getting all dressed up and tailgating! :)
Hotty Toddy!
9.) It has recently hit me that college is almost over for me and I am going to live it up this year.
10.) I feel like I am not as strong in my relationship with God and this has got to be worked on.
I want to be as close to him as I was my first 2 years of college. It's not him, it's me!
11.) I am obsessed with feet. I love feet pictures!
12.) Thrift shopping makes me happy, it's a favorite.
This week has been extremely busy.
I've been babysitting two precious girls, Ansley and Addison. They are little princesses and want to be treated as such. :)
I went 2 days to North Pontotoc Elementary and observed 1st grade. I loved it! I can not wait to begin this journey they call teaching. Those babies were precious and were so eager to learn and make friends. We had a great 2 days. God has big plans, I just know it.
My cousin Joe is dying. This breaks my heart. He has stopped taking dialysis and they are predicting that he will not be here long. Even though we know God is in control please pray for his family. This is going to be a very hard time!
Ya'll have a great weekend. Stay cool.
This heat is crazzyyy!