Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 12: What You Believe...

Jesus Christ.

This is a huge part of who I am as a person in this world. He died for me and he rose again so that I might have a chance to live in this world and witness for him and then when I die go to heaven and live with him forever. Could it be any better than that? But, guess what? Do I deserve it, do I treasure it, do I protect and fight for that wonderful sacrifice? NO! If anything I should be going on mission trips all the time, giving all the money in my checkbook for tithe, and telling everyone I come in contact with about my precious savior, but I don't. It's not that I can't or won't it's just that I am lazy and selfish and I put myself before him!
Jesus Christ loves us and wants to bless us more than we could ever imagine for ourselves and yet people like me let him down and treat him like just any other person. But you know what the cool part about that is? He loves us even though! Man, that makes me glad! :)
I try my hardest to live for him, talk about him, and let people know through my life, heart, actions, and words that I love him and want to please him. Let's all try to do that every day and maybe just maybe he will be glorified in our generation of people who seek his face!
I also believe that(not in)...
  • there is that special guy out there for me.
  • Teaching is what I was made to do.
  • Kids are what make me happy and I am so glad that I can work with them every day.
  • Oxford is one of my favorite places to be, live, etc..
  • blogging is a great way for me to express my feelings and a great stress reliever.
  • my friends are the best in the world.
  • Decorating is my hobby.
  • Harper has been my best purchase. Even though the dog drives me crazy! :)
  • Hotty Toddy was the best saying every invented! Go Rebels!
  • My family has got to be the best around.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 11: Favorite TV shows

Well, I am going to sound like a complete loser right here but I very rarely watch tv. I just don't have time to sit down most days and watch them. I would rather blog, check facebook, and do other things on the internet than watch tv. But.. this was not the case when I was younger and I absolutely adored watching tv. Here were a few of my favs...

I was the BIGGEST fan of this show. :) Love it.

Full House. I watched it everyday after school while I did my homework. Guess how much got done? haha

Saved By The Bell- I watched this every morning before school and I learned lots. This show was possibly my favorite. It still makes me smile every time it comes on! :)

Can I please marry Zach Morris? and.. use his big cellphone?!

I know that most people adore watching tv.. well.. hopefully that bug will hit me one day! :)

Today has been a good day and I am tired. Work was busy and the day was short! That's ok. We have a home game tomorrow and football frenzy is in the air. I'm excited because....

Maggie is coming to OXFORD! :) She'll be a reb in no time! :)

Let's go boys! Beat Auburn! Hotty Toddy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 10: Something that you are afraid of..

As if you can't tell I am wayy behind on my blog challenge.
This weekend was crazy busy but ohhh soo much fun. So here goes.
I am afraid of death. Yes, I am a christian but just the thought of leaving my precious family and going through the dying process just gives me the hibby-jibbies. :(
I know that God has an amazing way of taking care of you through this time but it just scares me of the unknown.
I am also scared of someone breaking into my house. Always have been, always will be. I am very paranoid but I will stay by myself if the need be!
Another biggie is that I am scared that I won't fulfill my life long dream of becoming a wife and mother. I know that most girls think this just happens with time and I believe that God's timing is always right but I want it to hurry up and be revealed to me, you know?
God is in control and this I must believe. :)
Short and sweet. I'm not scared of a lot of things. More blogging to come this week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 9: A picture of your friends.

This one is going to be picture overload. :)

Friends are majorly important in my life and God knew that I needed tons of them to get me through the everyday thing we like to call "life".

This is Caitlyn! We've been friends since the 7th grade. We played(talked and faked) the flute in the high school and junior college days. Hey, it payed the bills and we met some awesome friends in the meantime. She is a strong-headed, stubborn, crazy as a loon friend and even though we fight like sisters I would do anything for this girl.

I'm pretty sure this quote sums up our friendship. Wouldn't you agree ,Caitlyn?

Lane Maxcy- For the sake of Pete this girl keeps me laughing all the time. She is the most laid back and spacy person that I have ever met and I couldn't have her any other way. She loves the Rebels, going to the beach, and exercising. We are completely different but God knew that I would need a ton of new friends at Ole Miss and that's exactly what he gave me! Lane and I went to ICC but we didn't know each other at all. We ended up having a Sped class at Ole Miss together my first semester here and that's where our friendship began.

Oh, Michelle!
21 years and counting.. We've pretty much done anything random and crazy that there is to do in this good world. She's one crazy person. She loves her niece, Mary Michael, riding to the amish, and Memphis trips shopping and Steak N Shake. We have gone to church together for the majority of our lives. Her family is like my 2nd family and "crash" has been through a lot. She has had 3 wrecks and has been hit by the Panty Thief. Stupid boy. We fight a lot and have disagreements but she's pretty cool. :)

Last but definitely not least. Merle and Stanfield!

These two complete my life. They were awesome roomates and sisters for sure. We have a Ton of memories and times when we wanted to kill each other. (Merle- Does an iron and lou lou ring a bell? Love you!) I never get to see them anymore but stanfield will be teaching with me next year and Merle graduates from nursing school is Dec. AHH! We are adults. Love you girls!

Love you all!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 8: A Place you have traveled to.

Boy oh boy! This post will be fun. I absolutely LOVE to travel and I have had the awesome opportunities to go on 3 mission trips and some fun trips at that.

I couldn't name just one so here goes pictures and my stories to go along with those places! :)


This picture really shows how beautiful the sights were. We spent a week in Anchorage, Alaska, my freshman year of college, for spring break helping the church there show God's love to children and adults alike. I got to see a moose up close and personal and I got to make snow angels in feet of snow. It was amazing. God is great. The church that we worked with was super nice and we got to paint the biggest portion of their church for them which was so appreciative by them! :)

Just a few of the girls that went. We had our own house and boy did I make a ton of new friends on this trip! :)

San Fransisco

This is my friend Amy and I. We spent a week at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary painting their main dorm and ministering to their campus. It was an awesome, very tiring, and special trip. My sophomore year at ICC and my last "Spring Break" Mission trip. We had a great time and I had some pretty awesome roomates on this trip. God provided, blessed, and allowed us to have a great time while working for him. :)

Montana-Summer Missions

I spent the most amazing summer of my life in Montana traveling across the Treasure State Baptist Association doing VBS's, Backyard Bible clubs, Wilderness camps, you name it. It was great. God showed up and showed out and I got to spend the summer with 3 amazing girls. Maggie, Jennifer, and Stephanie. Yes, we had our fights because we spent every waking moment together but we would do anything to see each other now!

Just some of the awesome things I was given the opportunity to do:

White water wrafting

    Witness to a guy who had never seen a Bible and I got to share a little bit about what it means.

    Rock Climbing(which I hated!)

    Going and living in a different home/place every week.

    Meeting a LOT of new people.

    Teach and be around kids every day!

    Jump off of a bridge. (Look at that big sky country)

    The End. Can't wait to see where I go next! :)

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Day 7: Favorite Movies

    Welcome to Day 7. I can't believe that I am being pretty faithful to this challenge. This is good for me. I NEVER have time to watch movies anymore and this makes me sad because i love some curling up in pjs and watching a movie.

    Sweet Home Alabama- Isn't this every Southern girl's wish! haha :) Love this movie.

    Another one that I just adore. Such a good message! :)


    Can't forget The Blind Side. Such a great message and it's made in the best college town in the world, Oxford Mississippi! Hotty Toddy. :)

    let's all help someone in need today. What can I do, Lord?

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Day 6: Something that makes you happy!

    Something that makes me happy!

    Harper Grace Patton

    She is the sweetest dog in the entire world!!


    I couldn't do just one..

    jumping pictures. I just love them! This isn't the best undoubtebly! :)
    See you tomorrow!

    Day 5: My Siblings

    Meet the big brother, Adam.

    He's a pretty good guy. There is nothing like growing up with a brother who played football for all of your younger years and wearing Orange and Blue cheerleading unforms with Patton's lil sis on the back! :) It was precious! I must say.
    Adam never really let me ride to school with him but that's ok because the one day I did was the only day I got a tardy. haha. Thanks Bub! Then there is the time that he threw that baseball and it went straight in my eye. Ouch! Remember that? Thanks again.
    Yes, we have a love/hate relationship but more love than hate. Growing up with Adam has been an adventure but one thing I have always appreciated was that he always had my back. I'll never forget my little 4th(maybe) grade self getting in a fight with a boy on the bus and I had to go to the principal's office. Adam walked with me to the office and helped me win my case, lucky for me, the football coach was the principal. haha. Wanna know what the fight was about? The President. hahahaha
    Let's just say we've had some great times and some not so well. Now that we are both adults we still fight but we respect each other pretty well. I'll always be little patton to most but to him I'm just terd.
    Love you Adam!

    It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on! ~Author Unknown

    Day 4: My Parents

    "Love Many, Trust a Few, and Learn to Paddle Your Own Canoe."
    (this is a great motto that they would agree with.)

    My Parents..

    Donna- My Best Friend, loving, worries about wayyy too much, Jesus loving, supportive MOTHA!

    My mother is the most encouraging and self sacrificing lady that I have ever been around. andd.. Guess what? She gets it from that lady in the red up there, Marjorie aka MOM. That's her mother and I guarantee that she would say the exact same thing about her mother. My mother went through a lot when I was born besides giving birth her and my daddy both stayed with me in the hospital until I was well enough to come home! :) She has helped with every prom, ballgame, church function, anything that would help me grow in my social life. I just love this woman!

    David- The most HELPFUL daddy in the world. I pretty much have him wrapped around my little finger. He's the best. He loves my mama, which is the best gift that he could ever give me. He always takes care of those "daddy" things in my life such as car issues, money, keeping my BIG brother from killing me.. you know! I could not ask for a more supportive and caring daddy who would do anything in this world for me or my family.

    I love you both and I thank God for you! Ya'll will never know how much your support means to me! Now.. just remember I'm almost an adult so try and spoil me as much as you can in these next few months...



    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Day 3: Your 1st Love.

    Love. That's a strong word.
    Of course when we hear this phrase we automatically think of that guy that we have dated forever and that we want to marry. Well, guess what? He's not here yet and that's ok because God is making him perfect. I cannot wait until the day that I meet him and everything is right with the world because of him. He's just finding himself and the same applies to me.
    Now. What I am looking for in a guy would be:
    • Trustworthy, Honest, and Respectful
    • Loves God, Loves People.
    • Loves kids and wants them one day.
    • Has an education and knows what he wants to do with his life.
    • Has a great sense of humor.
    • Loves me and wants to protect me.
    • Just an all around great guy.

    I mean, is that so much to ask for!? Hehe.

    Now for a favorite song of mine. :)

    Sorry I couldn't get it to do right.

    Goodnight readers!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    BC: Day 2

    Introduce and Explain your blog title
    Well.. the name of my blog is He's not finished with me yet. :)
    I went to Montana the summer of my sophomore year in college to be a summer missionary. One of the greatest experiences in my entire life. YES! It was. I did summer camps, VBS, and worked with kids all day every day. Loved it was an understatement. One week we did a day camp at this certain church and Brandon Heath had just written this new song, He's not finished with me yet. We were watching a slide show of our productive week and one of the moms had chosen this song for the slide show. It was awesome and I loved the message behind the song.
    I already had the blog but when I got home that summer I changed the BLOG name to that. I haven't changed it, even though right now it says Live Life Loud. I believe those can be combined. I need to show others here in Oxford, Ms to Kenya Africa(hopefully) that our God is bigger than anything in this world and he is always looking out for our best interests. :) Isn't that a comforting thought?
    God, I am so thankful that you are no way near through with me yet and I pray that every day of my life that you shine through!

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    30 Day Blog Challenge!

    I decided to be a follower instead of a leader and do the 30 day blog challenge!

    Day 1- Introduce, recent picture, and 15 interesting things about you:

    Welcome to the blog challenge. I am really excited about doing this because some days I just don't have any ideas to blog about. Maybe this will help me become dedicated. :)

    This is the most recent picture. 2 weeks ago watching my beloved Rebels! Hotty Toddy!

    15 things you should know:
    • I love my God who is always with me and loving me up every minute of every day.
    • I have a shopping addiction. My shrink, Caitlyn will tell you it's the truth.
    • I am an Elementary Education major and my Senior year is kicking my tail.
    • I eat, sleep, and breathe Ole Miss!
    • I can't stand Mississippi State! :(
    • I have a brother, Adam who is a fireman and works part time at the Sheriff's Department. I always feel protected.
    • My mother works in Oxford at Ole Miss and my father is the water man for our small community.
    • I love thrift shopping.
    • I love being crafty and making new things.
    • My favorite food is chicken.
    • I drive a 2005 Silver Altima. I love her.
    • I have a precious little 7lb Maltese, Harper.
    • Candles are my favorite.
    • I love buying songs on Itunes.
    • Kids have my heart. Little kids especially.

    See you tomorrow! :)

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Finally. DONE.

    When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2

    This pretty much sums up my week. So, so glad that it is over.

    Work tomorrow, then a nice little 4 day weekend.

    God, thank you for this Fall break. It couldn't come at a better time. :)

    I had a great weekend and we enjoyed the game Saturday. Hotty Toddy Rebs.

    (It was a close one though. Whew!)

    Weekend in Pictures:

    Lane and I at the game. Hotty Toddy.

    This boy is my pride and joy at LLES. I've known him since the day he was born! :)

    Friday, October 1, 2010


    Hello friends.

    This week has been purely crazy. School WILL be the death of me. I am honestly so ready to be done but.. i am also very sad that I am almost a "real" grown up! School is just all over the place and it stressed me out.

    Ok enough complaining.

    Fall is here and I couldn't be more happy. I have always loved cooler weather, pumpkins, the changing colors of the leaves, and football games in the cold! :)
    ( aren't these adorable?)
    (scrapbook paper pumpkins)

    I've made one of these toliet paper pumpkins and I LOVE it. I can not wait for fall break to make some more! :)

    I mean, I spend a lot of time playing on blogs and reading about all these cute ideas. Now, I need to make some of them. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for the ideas! :)

    This is where I will be tomorrow. Hotty Toddy. Beat Kentucky!

    I've also though about a lot of things this week.

    • How is it possible that I will be a college graduate in 8 months?
    • Where is my prince charming? (God's preparing him is what I choose to believe.)
    • and... I love this quote
    • "If you are looking for the love of your life, STOP; You'll find him when you start doing things that you love!

    Sorry for the rambeling! :)

    Happy Weekend!