Monday, January 31, 2011

Working on this blog!

What do you think about this new font?

Miscellany Monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.) Today was a great day at school.  I'm loving getting valentines from    Kindergarteners. :)

2.) I worked out to this video today.  The LONGEST 20 minutes of my life. DEATH!

3.) I spent Saturday night playing checkers with my daddy. It hasn't happened in years! Love it! 

4.) It kinda sucks being an adult now.  I seriously am in the bed at 10:30 most nights now. It's crazy!

5.)  I want to do some major shopping this weekend. Hopefully, Memphis. We'll see! :)

I have so much to do! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Finally Friday, Free Again!

1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things I would grab.. Harper, My malteese, My laptop for all the pictures, school documents, and every other important thing on there AND.. my cellphone. It's my storage unit! :)

2. A smell I really like is.. babies right after they have had a bath, vanilla cupcakes baking, and.. cinnamon candles in the fall. Love it!
3. Something you might not know about me is that.. I am OCD when it comes to most things in my house. I can't stand lights to be on when someone is not in the room,(just ask my roomates) and I can totally notice if someone has moved something in my room. It's like my brain takes pictures of objects and stores where they were placed. Wierd, Yes!
4. Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are  blogger, of course, facebook, twitter, etsy, Ole Miss, ebay..
5. This weekend I will be resting with my family.  Hopefully I will save money for next weekend.  Pretty sure our shopping excursions will presume them. Blessed, mother has Bronchitus! :(

6. Nothing makes me happier than.. looking at wedding magazines and dreaming about what my groom and my day will be like. I can't wait!
7. A bad habit I have is.. not washing my hair everyday. Oops!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's been a great week! 

My 1st week back at student teaching is almost OVER! My kids are precious, crazy, and Oh so funny!

Worship last night was awesome. I'm loving the new found song, "Healer" by Kari Jobe.
She's an awesome singer with a heart for Jesus, exactly what I long to be like. 

This song made me tear up because I was in complete thought of Mrs. Richie from church.  This lady is a prime example of what it means to know that God is all we need.  She is battling horrific cancer right now and is the epitome of a Christian lady.  She's at church as much as she possibly can be and this song is her life, wrapped up

I am so excited that my 1st class tomorrow night was cancelled. I know. It's just the beginning of the semester, but still.

I am loving my kiddos at school. Being a student teacher is the best job in the world.
Today, one of my presh's said, " these chips taste like clorox."  What in the world? Crazies.. I just love the kindergarten age. They are precious! :)

I am loving my thrift shopping/salvation army sale finds! Thrift shopping will be the death of my wallet! :)

Love to all! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Monday All Over Again...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.)  Started back student teaching today and realized how much I've missed those kiddos.  They told me how much they had missed me and that's what makes these 35 hour work weeks worth it! :)

2.)  I dominated attempted Chimichangas tonight for supper and it was TERRIBLE! Sorry future husband. I'm not the best cook! 

3.)  I'm really not looking forward to the predicted snow coming up tomorrow night.

4.) My Iphone needs repair and I'm too sad to give it up. It's attactched to my hip! 

5.)  I love having no responsibility right now. I'm still exhausted just thinking about last semester!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog changes are coming! I'm learning slowly! :)

Fill in the blank Friday.

1.) My favorite quote is.. well as of this moment, "there is a difference in what we long for, what we settle for and who we are meant for." Isn't that so true!?
2. A bad habit I have is... procrastination. Seriously, I would rather blog, listen to music, facebook...

3. The first time I felt like a "grown up" was.. My first day of student teaching. I had to be at the school at 7:30 and I felt like a "teacher" for the first time! :)

4. Weekends are.. a time for me to relax, hang out with friends and family, and sometimes even do homework.

5. When I was a child I wished my name was... I have no clue. Guess I've always liked Lauren!

6. I wish.. I would fall in love in 2011. It's time! :)

7. A secret I have is... when I was little I was obsessed with babies. Actually, I guess I still am! haha
Seriously, had a REAL baby carrier, stroller, and clothes. I guess it's what I've always wanted to be. A Mommy! :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As of lately...

lately, I've been reading "The Purpose Driven Life" and it is changing the way that I have been doing my daily Bible reading/Quiet time. It is an awesome book that I have heard about for a while but just recently snagged it at a thrift store for a mere, fifty cents!

lately, I've been thinking about job choices for next year. Boy, this is scary.

lately, I've been trying zumba online. It's so much fun and so much easier than going to the gym to workout.

lately, I'm obsessed with Ebay, Craigslist.. all of these fun sites!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love that my wintersession 2 week class is OVER!
I love that I can start applying for teaching jobs now. Scary isn't the word.

Bunco is Friday night and I can't wait to play with the ladies from my church!

There is a man on Wheel of Fortune that is from Missoula, Montana. Brings back so many great memories from here. :)

I have started posting things to sale on craigslist. Come on de-cluttering 2011! :)

Wee bit of me..

{one} name one thing you worry about running out of.
money. I am kind of addicted to shopping and such. I like to live so money would definitely be a concern.

{two} what is your favorite pizza topping?

{three} what is your favorite harrison ford movie?
I seriously have no idea. I guess, Indiana Jones. I can't say that I ever even made it through that whole movie. Haha

{four} apple juice or orange juice?
Apple Juice.

{five} what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?
Catch up on Homework, take a nap, and hang out with my family.

{six} what is the wallpaper on your cellphone of?
Picture of Harper, my Maltese. She's the queen.

{seven} do you have a favorite tv commercial?
the commercial with the little golden retriever puppy who is playing with the toliet paper. Geez. Charmin I believe!

{eight} what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
A dog treat when I was little. Probably a dare!
{nine} what is one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
Jeans! Thank you Lord for those comfortable pieces of heaven!

{ten} if you were a character from “lost”, who would you be?
Never watched. Oops, did I just say that!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreams... Come true?

I just have to tell ya'll about a dream that my mother had the other night.She laughed and laughed while telling me...

We were at the airport, coming home from a trip and we were standing in the airport. All of a sudden an "Indian" pilot comes up to you and just grabs your hands and ya'll gaze into each other's eyes without saying any words. Then, he had to go catch his next flight and he lets go and walks away. You are beside yourself for the rest of the afternoon while we go to a restaurant in the airport. All of a sudden on the loudspeaker in the entire airport we hear, " Will the girl with the blonde hair and beautiful green eyes come to terminal so-and-so?" We couldn't believe it and then I woke up..

Dang it. Now I'll never know!

Thanks, mama! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Full of Random.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I'm at my apartment alone and it's kind of a great feeling/creepiness all in one.

I went to my cardiologist appointment this morning and hoping that all is well.
No worries, no major problems that I know of.

My mother and I shopped at some thrift-y type stores and had a ball in the process. She's the coolest lady I know.
*Mama, I'm just taking your wallet in this store, ok?- her favorite quote of mine from the day.

Ready for this 2 week class to be over. Hopefully a good grade will result from the torture! :)

Now on to giveaways...

I absolutely live by my planner and feel the need to write lots of important things down so I want to win this planner soo bad!
This is where I have the chance and I really hope that you like her blog as much as I do. It's pretty adorable!

Once again, I would love to win these as well.

Being from the south, pearls are a big deal! I think these would look beautiful for game days at Vaught Hemingway and would also fit right in at church on Sundays!
Love them!
Aly hopefully will be sending these my way!

I'm full of random tonight. Thanks for putting up with it! :)

Happy Monday!


My 22nd Birthday.

I just love parties with great friends, delicious food, and laughter all around.

God, thank you for another year! :)

Before with my mother. My parents made my birthday very special. Thank you 'rents! :)

My favorite birthday cake of all time. Thank you, Alyssa.
(Alyssa Falkner on Facebook. She is taking orders! :) )

My Party Guest! :)

Thank you best for planning a great party and for not giving me the flu! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow 2011.. Crazy!

Our sad excuse for a snowman!
It started and it's lasted longer than ever. SNOW! Love it!

The most I've ever seen in my entire 22 years. :)

We had fun just missing school and playing out in it!

and this precious baby made her entrance right in the middle of the snow storm.

Welcome to the world, Lynlee! :)

She's precious and her big brother, Cole loves her to pieces!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Would you love to know my confessions?

I shop way too much! It's a hobby, passion, obsession.. You name it!

This lady looks just like me when I buy something interesting and fun!
Granted: I shop thrift 95% of the time, but still?

I am a procrastinator at the finest. I need to do better this semester.

I love THIS site and guess who got me started on that? My father. Geez.

I don't know what I did before my Iphone. It's in my hands non-stop.

I am SO excited it's the weekend!

Hope you lovelies have a great one! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feelin' Good.

I am so glad that school is almost over for the week. It's been a long 2 weeks. :)

I finally got a FLU shot today. Shucks!

Totally me! I hate shots!

I have been busy today organizing my room, school stuff and trying to tackle the to do list.

State beat Ole Miss tonight! :( That sucks.

Goodnight All!

I want to win this...

Granted, I don't have a camera that this would fit but I'm saving for one! :)

Hoping I win it from HERE!

Loving it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Linking up with Jamie..

School has been cancelled for 2 days because of snow and ice. We NEVER get that here. I have absolutely loved it! :)

look how cute somebody thought they would be . In the Grove?

Lynlee Chrestman has made her entrance into the world!
Welcome Precious baby! :)

I am also through with my 2 week Winter session class. Praise him! I am ready for a break before Spring semester begins.

I am looking forward to shopping with my mama on Monday after my Cardiology appointment. Way over due! :)

I got Mississippi Brides Magazine for my birthday from my best and I can't waitt to dissect it! :)
It's my dream to be featured one day, SOON!

Mississippi Magazine's 2009 Wedding Register

Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awards, Christmas.. Finally. Just catching up!

First Things First:

Thank you, Courtney for the Stylish Blogger Award.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 things about me that you should know:

1.) I'm a huge procrastinator. It doesn't serve me well most of the time.

2.) I have a brother who is a fireman and I couldn't be more proud of him.
* that's a picture of him during a kid's fire camp!

3.) I constantly make lists and things that I like, want, need to do, dream about.. etc.

4.) I love decorating. :) It's kinda a obsession.

5.) I am the only "girl" cousin on both sides of the family.

6.) I go to Ole Miss. Only the best university in the world. :)

7.) I am so blessed and believe me, I think about it ALL the time.

My Last Christmas post.

Santa was great to me this year and I got everything that I wanted.

Some teacher bags that will come in handy! :)

My TOMS which I adore. Please check out their website. It's the best!

A piece of McCarty. The pottery that I collect.

An Ole Miss plate and my Dolce and Gabbana, Light Blue

One of my favorite gifts.
I had mentioned that I would love to have one of these to remember my memories from high school and college and I got it for christmas! Love it!
My t-shirt quilt.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years. 2010 Recap.

Baby Rourke was born and we visited him and his family at the Women's Hospital. Such a precious family and I am so glad that they were part of my life for one great year. They are a precious family and God sure knew what he was doing when he put them in charge of being our mentor group leaders! :)

I turned 21 and spent my birthday with my mother, daddy, and brother eating at Chili's. The weather got snowy and icy and my friends and I couldn't do anything. It was kinda sad but I loved spending time with my family.

I began my student observation at NMRC, working with my Special Need Adults. They were precious, carefree, and definitely showed me that I have chosen the right career path. I would love to work at a home like this one day and love and teach these precious people.

I went to the McCarty sale with my faithful cousin, Carmen who hated me after it. For all of you who might not know this is a pottery sale of the pottery that my mother and I collect. I got some great pieces for my collection and my cousin did too! She told me that she would NEVER go back! Did I mention that we slept in our car, drove 2 hours and stood in line for 12 hours? Wonder why!

I went to the coast and NOLA for Spring Break with Caitlyn and her family. Our plans got changed the day before we were to go but we ended up having a great time exactly where we were.


My Altima got hit again!.. And of course at a Yardsale. :) Luckily it was easy to fix.

I went to Double Decker with Michelle. Good times! We also paid and got our picture taken with Colonel Rebel who made an appearance for the last time! Boo!!

We made huge renovations on my parent's house which included painting every wall, putting down hardwood floors, and many other beautiful things! I love it and my mama got what she has always wanted in the house.

Took a class during May intercession. 2 weeks and DONE!

Also, a mentor reunion with The Stevenson's and a great time of catching up! :)
(This was an older picture but this is the group.)

I started my first class of the summer. My teacher didn't show up for the first 2 weeks of class because she was at a conference. It was neat because we weren't too stressed 2 weeks out of the 4 week class.

This was my group from class! We went to Rowan Oak, home of William Faulkner to do our Webquest for class. These ladies are also some of my great friends and roommates. (All but Lane)

I went and watched Cole play in his T-ball game. He was precious and so good! :)

I, along with my friend Beka taught the Kindergarten class of VBS at our church! :)
We had a mother/daughter banquet at our church.

Attended Ashley and Chad's wedding.
(Notice the lobster face.)

Caleb and Emily had a beautiful wedding.

Man, a busy month.


Started my 2nd summer class. This was getting old! haha

After class one day.. Pool time. Even little Harper went.

Colonel Reb was voted on to NOT be the mascot for Ole Miss. Boo! He'll always be my mascot.

Harper turned 1!
She had a fun birthday party. Spoiled Dog!

I made the move from my little cottage to my apartment! :)

Babysat Ansley and Addison

Summer was a fun time!


Moved in to my new place! :)

Started Student teaching at Lafayette lower Elementary. Love it! Kindergarten is the best!

I helped Caitlyn celebrate her 20th birthday!

I adopted Esnard with Lane at the Shane and Shane Concert! Isn't she precious?!


Football season was in full swing! :) Go Rebels! Hotty Toddy!

Was a Bridesmaid in Haley and Harvey's Wedding.


Decorated my apartment for fall.

School was KILLING me! Hardest semester of my life.

BSU Costume Party

The Egg Bowl.. Which we lost!
Family time! :)
Christmas Decorating.. My Favorite!

The Semester was OVER! :)

My 1st White Christmas!

A Wonderful New Year spent with the best, Caitlyn! :)

Here we go 2011! You have big shoes to fill!