Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Minutes. :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's Memorial Day. Thank you to all our our Soldiers and their families for giving up their time, energy, family, and lives to protect mine. It's a blessing to know that so many Americans have risked their lives and some gave all for the love of our Blessed Country!


going to sign my papers for my official 1st job tomorrow. Excited and scared are my feelings right now.  I'm making a word document of questions that I plan to ask. Get ready, Horn Lake, I'm a planner.  Hope you are ready for that! :)
Also, the mother and I are going to look for houses/apartments and that is always exciting.
I'm sure a little shopping will take place as well. :)

it's breaking my heart hearing about all of the bad news that is happening all over our country. Tornados, babies being born way too early, marriages ending. It's devastating, but you know our God is STILL in control. Praise him.

I'm praying that on this memorial day that we remember not only the sacrifices that were given for us by soldiers but also by our LORD who gave the biggest sacrifice of all by dying on that cruel cross.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's Sunday! Let's play this game..
the q's.
1. would you rather go on a picnic or to a bbq?
       BBQ-- I don't do cold sandwhiches and more than likely that's what would be served.
2. would you rather go bra-less or panty-less?
   Bra-less. It's much more comfortable. BTW: This is a wierd question to be asked on a blog! :)
3. would you rather go on a $5000 shopping spree at your favorite store or go on a $5000 vacation?
     At this time in my life-- Definetely the vacation.
4. would you rather eat escargot or sauteed crickets?
      Sauteed Crickets. Yuck!
5. would you rather go on survivor or the amazing race?
     Survivor, I'd still die on the first day!
6. would you rather be hot or cold?
     I would rather be cold. You can always add layers.
7. would you rather go to the beach or lake?
     Beach, I'm not a lake girl.
8. would you rather not shave your legs for a month in the summer or your armpits?
       Gross. But.. I would rather not shave my legs. I can't handle the armpit hair.
Hope your Lord's Day has been restful and relaxing. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mission Accomplished! :)

My dreams were torn and scattered on the floor

But You’ve been picking up the pieces, Lord
‘Cause Your love is real
Franchesca Battistelli, Paper Heart.

It's Over.

the job hunt that is.

I'm now a 1st grade teacher @ Horn Lake Elementary School in DeSoto County. 

God is good!!

this lady is nervous/excited/anxious/but joy filled

now praying for those precious friends of mine that are still pursuing! God has big plans, just believe that!

prayers still appreciated and needed! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays.

Is it bad that I don't love to cook, but I love looking at recipes. Found this blog hop and had to link up some food/drinks that I am loving at the moment. :)
Recipes are linked. 
Pizza Muffins. Yummyyy! :)

Queso Blanco, The First Attempt » Pennies on a Platter

Le Pétrin: Chocolat d'Eté, Frais et Gourmand

mmmm...yes please

All of these make me want to be a Gourmet Chef but we ALL know that is not going to happen. 
If you have any awesome recipes, link up! :)

All of these images were found on Pinterest, my new favorite obsession! 

I'm loving my new phone cover. Thanks, parentals! :)

Happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Waiting Game

Instead of my listing frenzies that have been on the regular for the past week, today is not that post. It's semi-serious because I just feel it should be. Don't get worried. Nothing is wrong, I just like toss ups on my blog and I'm ready for a real post. :)

the significant other is something that I have been thinking about lots lately. It's been on my heart probably because I have been watching more movies lately than I have in months and SURPRISE my favorite types of movies are chick flicks. It's fun but not good for my searching heart
He's out there. I just know it. But, when? When will I meet him? God's timing is always perfect so that's what I'm banking on. He knows where he lives, what he's doing, and what we both need to fulfill before we meet. I'm glad he's got it under control! :)
this is what I'm waiting for. 

This is what I'm looking for.

The wait for a job. It's something else that I'm not worried about, just contemplating. I am so ready to know exactly what grade, precious students, classroom,school, life I am going to be living next year. I know it's part of my OCD personality that I am even thinking about those things but I know that's how I function. Just as our graduation speaker told us, It Will Be Ok. 
Just ready to know.

My Bible has always said that God works things out for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. I am thankful for a Savior who knows the numbers of my blonde hair and has had my life planned, according to his will, since January 8, 1989. I just have to deepen my faith even more and realize that it's IN HIS TIME.

Thanks ya'll for listening to some of my jumbled thoughts.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


{one} I GRADUATED! :)

obviously, not the best quality. :)

{two} I'm over contemplating getting a job. I really just want to know what grade I am going to have and what to expect from the age group. I know that in God's time he will bless. Just.Be.Still.

I've gotten into this selling my un-wanted, un-used stuff on Craigslist. I'm pretty excited. No big amounts yet, but it's coming. I just love having some extra cash and getting rid of stuff that I know will make someone's day. :) It's fun. Do it.

I am soaking up this time to get stuff done, sleep LATE, and hang out with friends. It's a bittersweet time and I wouldn't change it for the world

I believe this. So true.

Hope you are all having great Thursdays! 

Leave me some comment love, guys! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday: The day of Love.

1.) Freedom: Yes, this having nothing to do, School wise, is absolutely amazing. I love being able to read books, surf the internet, and watch tv, as much as I like. Yippee!

2.) Graduation Love-On: The term that I have coined when people shower you with support, gifts, and love! :)
Just some of my favorite things that I have received. Precious memories.

I get to my graduation lunch @ Oxford-University club, and I see these beautiful flowers in a McCarty bowl. My mother then informs me that my precious Mrs. Leslie arranged them for me for my graduation. She started teaching me Sunday School when I was in Middle School and we pretty much became her children from that time on. It was a very sweet thing for her to do! 

My Ole Miss graduation Ornament from M&D. I love it! I kinda have an obsession with Christmas ornaments.

My favorite gift. My mother and I are going to NEW YORK. I'm soo excited! :)

My Pearl bracelet that was a complete surprise. I had no idea. I'm the only girl on both sides, so this was fun for my family to do. 

Bre added to the pottery obsession. I love my new piece. :)

My aunt got me a travel purse and some notebooks for New York. 

I have the most supportive family and friends in the world. Hands-down. I couldn't have asked for a better Graduation weekend. My sweet Savior kept the rain away and allowed for it to be a day that was dry, and nice. I appreciate every hug, kiss, kind word, and gift that was given to me on this special day. 

I wanted to document exactly what happened so that when I look back on this day, I remember every detail.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today's subject is videos of our furr babies! I can't find any of my sweet videos of little Harper, so this will just have to do.  This is from our Snow day and Harper loved the white stuff that she had no clue about. 

I mean come on, it NEVER snows in Mississippi. :)

and.. Just for the record. I'm not kicking her about half way through the video. I am kicking snow on her! :) I'm a sweet mama like that. 


I just love little Harper! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{one}  It was Graduation Weekend. Believe me, my family is the greatest, my friends are the sneakiest, and my God is loyal to the end. He got me through these 4 years with sweat, tears, stress, and tons of fun times. I'm so thankful to be done but so excited that it happened. More on this later..

{two} I finished this semester with a 4.0. 1st.One.Ever. :)

{three} I'm still celebrating Graduation with lunches and gifts. Seriously, I have the best people supporting me. I just love when people show you how much they care. It's the best.

{four} Lastly, I am lucky to have an aunt who manages a book store. She gave me all of these unbound books today. I'll be busy putting them together but thankful just the same! :)

Much relaxing to be done this week. 

Happy Monday, friends! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's O-V-E-R.

Let me get all emotional and sentimental...

It's my last night of college. eek.. That's scary. But, I couldn't be more excited.
Tomorrow, I will graduate with 1,000s of other students and I can't wait to experience that.
How cute is this cake? Ahh!

Just for my sake. I might cry buttt.. Here are some of my favorite memories while at Ole Miss.

 Let's bring this colonel back! 

 Nights of breaking into the Football field. :)

BSU Picnic in the Grove. 

Transfer Bible Study. I love these ladies!

Our lovely Keystone House.

Love you little Miss. Let's keep in touch! 

Vaught-Hemingway. God's gift to Earth. Nothing like 62,500 of your best friends all there together. 
Hotty Toddy!

Love you Lane. (I might just name one of my kids, Maxcy! :)

Tailgating before the games!

Maggie Sue came to visit God's Country, butt. they ended up winning! :(

My very clever Tacky Christmas Sweater. I. was. proud.

Our fun snow days that we had. 

 Christmas Card Fun

Finally, fun times and acting crazy.

Ole Miss has always been home in my heart but having the opportunity to be a student here has been amazing. Grove, Walk of Champions, the Union, Colonel Reb, BSU, Football games, Slow Dixie, Presidential Debate, Guyton, Red & Blue, Dresses, Pearls, Hotty Toddy,etc.....

It'll forever be ingrained. I treasure my time here. 

I. can't. believe. it's. over.