Monday, September 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I'm so glad that I got to eat at my favorite restaurant 2 times this weekend! It's the simple things in life! It's so bad that they know my order by heart and they just grin when my friends/mother/whoever is with me when we walk in. Is that embarrassing and pathetic? Oh well!

I was invited to a beach wedding for March and I am so excited. Now to plan the outfit, where to stay, how long to stay... this is going to be fun. I promise you though, every person that I know is getting engaged. God, I know this is your plan and a season in my life but when is it going to be my turn? 
Wedding Season is my favorite. I am so excited...  :)

I have lots of fun plans for the next month. Birthday parties, wedding showers, yard sales in Germantown (oh, how excited am I), school field trips with my firsties. Life is good right now and I am so thankful for the things My Lord is letting me experience.

So thankful for this long weekend that I could spend with friends and family. 

How blessed are we! 

Happy Monday!


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Girl, you know I'm not rushing down the aisle either! Me and you can just go to all these weddings together! haha and plan away ours!