Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madness :)

Hello, friends!

It's Monday.. How has it been for you? My kiddos were pretty good today so my day went fairly well. I'm really having a better outlook on teaching and I pray that day by day I will grow to LOVE every second of what I am doing. :)

This weekend was oh, so much fun. I got to see friends whom I've not seen in many forevers, and that was nice. Went to a haunted "castle" and got to  run and act a fool with the monsters, crazy people, and the friends! 

Saturday was game day and oh, it wasn't pretty. I went to the GROVE and then left before the game because a sinus infection didn't want to sit out in the air for the game. Praise the Lord! :)

Grovin' was fun as usual. We never lose a party, remember? 

Oh, Em! I miss thee!

Whitney! Can't believe your engaged. We had some great times @ Ole Miss!


Just the walk of champions! So much fun!! Go Rebs!

Just because my heart smiles...

Sunday, was Family time.
Went to church, kept the baby nursery, and then had 2 wedding showers for cousins. 

Can't wait for their weddings. So happy for them!

We went simple but it was so cute. 

Hoping for a wonderful week! 


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Love this BLOG! Not too fond of you right now, but I still love you! :) just kidding!