Sunday, October 2, 2011

My life through iPhone pics...

Here we go again, Monday. Why are you here already?

This weekend was spent with friends, family, and celebrating the upcoming marriage of a precious friend! 

Shopping with my mama was fun as always and I scored this cute Steve Madden purse from TJMaxx. :)

I also got some Jessica Simpson flats and this cute fingernail polish. There's my shopping for the month! haha. 

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

I was so glad that I finally got some time to catch up with the best and my dear family! We enjoyed Mexican food, gossiping, and sharing our lives. :) 
P.s.-- Check out her blog! :) 


This little lady, soon to be, Mrs. Hendrix, was showered with "personals" on Saturday night. This picture sums up our fun little shower. She's precious and so ready to be married! I can't wait to share in her big day! Ahhhh! 

and just because she's cute. 

This little lady is loving these cool, FALL nights and cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket! :)

Happy Sunday!