Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Brain Jumble.

Just going to share what is on my heart tonight.
Nothing serious, nothing life-changing, just life.

I really, really want to learn how to do this money saving thing. I have, for years, been clipping coupons but just using them randomly for things that I thought I had to have. I've now learned that you have to save them for when things go on sale and that's when these "extreme coupon" methods come into place. 

I would love to know how to do it more! :)

Life is sweet. I am enjoying this time to be myself, enjoy my career that I've chosen, and do my Own thing. It's nice and bittersweet at the same time.  Lots of friends are getting married, having babies, starting jobs, and it's just a sweet season of life. 

I'm so thankful for I feel that I am right where God would have me in this little life of mine. Thank you, Lord! I'll praise you even when the storms get rough.

The iPhone software
Isn't it wonderful? It's like having a brand new phone. Thanks, Caitlyn for telling me to 
" Go Home and update." :) Seriously, she's a pro. 

School, Wants, Ideas

My children made these pumpkin patterns, and pumpkins to decorate the hallway. So sweet! I love their creative artwork. They just love it! :)

Must have!
This is a Pinterest idea. Bought one of these at a thrift store the other day. Can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Notice the turquoise bandwagon..
I want, need, have to have this watch!
It's sooo cute!
Oh, I drool...

but I also must remember...

This is such a relief. Whew! Now I feel better.

God has blessed me so much! Hopefully, I'm a blessing to someone in this world of mine.

To God Be The Glory! 

Happy Thursday... It's Almost FRIDAY! :)