Friday, November 11, 2011


 Happy Veterans Day!

 This picture was taken on July 4th. I just love American flags, patriotic songs, and anything to do with celebrating our Country. It's such a sweet time for remembering those who have selflessly fought for our country!

My grandaddy, Howard Heard, fought in WWII and I couldn't be prouder of him than for that awesome act that he did. Even though I was only 4 when he died I will always remember the bright smile he had, almost dying in the creek @ The Wises', and how he always brought me chicken nuggets when he picked me up from Daycare. Maybe, just maybe that's why I love them so much!

Anyway, Veterans should be thanked in many different ways and I wish that I could thank each of them personally but that would take forever!
So.. If you read my blog and you know a Vet, please tell them, show them this, however you can that I said THANK YOU!

Happy Friday!