Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fa, la, la, la, la!

I hate that I feel like I never have time for blogging. It is such a stress relief for me and I find myself not making time to do it.

Let's re-hash the past week. Shall we?

  • Christmas Ideas/Decorations
    •  If I don't quit Christmas shopping, I'm going to be completely broke before the end of the month. haha. It's so much fun buying decorations/ and presents for all the people that I love. My parents have always been so generous at Christmas time that I feel like I inherited that "spirit" of Christmas!
    • I have added some "happies" under the tree! :) Love it!

  • I had a fun little Skype date with Emily tonight. Let me just be sentimental for a minute, a while.  I had a blast my Senior year @ Ole Miss. We cooked together, sang together, danced together, and cried together. I remember many, MANY, nights that we were all so stressed (or so we thought then) about School of Ed, AKA, our home. We thought we just couldn't go another minute. I miss these girls so much in this season of life. I know that God is wanting me to branch out, meet new people, and enjoy the "NOW" but I still miss our closeness that we had.
    • So.. it does my heart good to Skype with these girlies and still share memories/text messages that we send frequently. :)

Even Harper got to talk to Aunt Emily! :)

Random: I saw a Twitter Status today that made me laugh and smile at the same time. 

"I want a Proverbs 31 woman instead of a Victoria Secret Model. 
Amen, and Amen. We need more like him!

Now: Just to end this random post. Some Pinterest finds for the week. Oh, how lovely!

Wedding Inspirations! :)
(no people, no reason to be looking at this. Maybe, someday soon!)
If you have any suggestions... Send them my way! I'm ready!!!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Need. these.


Love. this. Sprinkles for the "sweetest day of our lives"

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


Yes! I've always wondered what I would do with that pillow, anyway.

I better stop. This could get U.G.L.Y!

Happy Friday Eve! Love y'all!