Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

{one}  I'm loving this precious mouse pad that I created from Shutterfly. :) Seriously, they have the best ideas for photo gifts and more. Check them out if you never have. :)

{two} We have a field trip to the Orpheum this week! My kids are going to stroke. "The Magic Schoolbus" here we come. :)

{three} Church fellowship Sunday night makes me a happy lady. Good food, great friends, and memories being made. Couldn't ask for anything more. :)

Learned this tonight @ church:

Don't just love the blessings, love the giver of those blessings! 


Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

My daddy and I reallllllyyyyy need to make this for my deck patio!

easy to do! Love this!

Amen. that's me.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

must find frames. 

Pinterest, you WILL break me! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, I guess it's good to see you again.

Well, it's that time again. Post those pictures that we love from the week before.

Enjoy my life through pics, will you?

Harper's cute little nose. this dog steals my heart every day! :) If you own a dog, isn't it crazy how happy, sappy, mad, angry, and special these dogs can make you feel?

Thanks, Emily! I love my Colonel Reb! I put him on my desk like you told me to.
(FYI: I know I am going to get asked this question. That prickly thing is a finger paper sorter. Easier than licking your finger. A teacher friend gave it to me for a present.)

Love my new classroom door happy! It'll be personalized one day! Until now, enjoy the cuteness! I am obsessed with cutesy things for my classroom and home doors. But after Santa was stolen off of my front door, I am really skeptical about where I put them!

Re-did this mailbox. I'm going to use it in my classroom soon. Writing has to improve before then. I'll keep you updated on the teacher blog.
I need to start posting on there weekly. Keep me motivated.

Love my new kitchen organizer. Plate rack, and random dishes from the thrift store. I'm so easy to satisfy. Ha! These will be turned into a plate wall soon. 

This was a canvas at the mall. I just loved the saying and the little people. Aren't friends wonderful! So glad God blessed me with some that would give me sunshine on any cloudy day! *Thankful

Shoes purchases from Saturday! Love these. I might break my neck, but I really think they are so fun. Plus, my brother's girlfriend got the same ones on the bottom so we can twink sometime. 

Crackle polish attempt #1! I really like it. ULTA had it for $5.99 yesterday. I couldn't resist. 

On another note:

I have the best parents in the world. My daddy fixed my air conditioner in my car this weekend and I couldn't be happier. He's the best.
Plus, thank you LORD for helping my grandmother this week. She had eye-lid surgery and she is badly bruised and awful looking. He's helping the pain and for that we are thankful! :)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the 23rd.

Source: via Janet on Pinterest

You know. Getting older is fun and sad all at the same time! 

I love being on my own, having my own money, and pretty much doing as I wish but getting older kinda stinks. :)

My precious friends and I celebrated the 23 @ Rooster's on the square in Oxford. So much fun and memories was made.

Thanks best for putting this together. 

The food was yummy. 

The friends were wonderful. Thank you so much for coming! 
I love you all so, so much!

My sweet cake.. Thanks, Kelli! 

Chad, so glad we got to show you around the square. Can't wait to come visit soon when it's 

Birthdays are too much fun. My family is notorious for making it a celebration of ME! Couldn't appreciate anything more. Thank you all for the cards, calls, and pure love. :)

Here's to a wonderful 23rd year! It's looking great so far.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm loving on this Wednesday!

I've got many, many things running through this brain of mine. So, let's splat this out here.

These are the CUTE mousepads I ordered from Shutterfly last night. They were so nice and gave me a $20 gift certificate but with everything after it added up, i only paid $10 for these! Went ahead and made one for the madre while I was at it. 

Mouse Pad
View the entire collection of cards.

I'm loving that this has been a short week at school. My children are crazzzy monsters but bless them, you can't help but let them steal your heart. I sometimes feel like all I do is yell all the day LONG, but at the end I usually end up with at least 5 hugs so guess it's worth all the screaming! :) :)

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I'm excited about the blog post about my 23rd birthday that's coming up! Be watching and ready for it. I've just got to get motivated to upload pics from my camera! Judge me all you want. 

Now, I have to go get ready for church tonight. Thank you Lord for Wednesdays! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fill in the blank, Friday.

1.   The last thing I ate was  a baked potato and a glass of water. Boring life. I know. I need to learn to cook. HELP ME!

2.   The last song I listened to was  a song that played on a blog. I have no clue what the name was  .

3.  Using the letters in my name I can spell    {Lauren}...learn, are, rue, ran, lane, run, Earl, earn, lure, rule, ulna, urea, urn, real, nu, neural, lunar, near, era, lean, ear, el, an, ale      .

4.  If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick   turquoise, because I love the ways that it can go with many other colors. Plus, blue in general because I LOVE blue jeans.

5.  If you were to look in my bag right now you'd find   my camera, HOBO wallet, tic-tacs,  pens and lipgloss. It's a clutch. Not too big so not near as much stuff as I usually have.

6.  When I finish filling in the blanks I'm going to   fold clothes, and go to bed.

7.  My all time favorite song to dance to is  Macerena. yes, cheesy. it's okay. I'm honest. I love to dance to anything and everything.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrift Shopping.

Today's topic is what's going on inside my crazy OCD head! It's something that I enjoy and I feel like I can save money with.  
I started thrifting my sophomore year of high school and I had no idea what it would mean for my life. I would check the local thrift stores back home usually once a week and that was that. It was just something fun that I could do to pass the time before work.

Then, through high school and college it was something that was SOOO much fun for me. I bought lots of neat things that I would take home and decorate with or wear and people would always comment on what I had. I would be so proud when I had only paid $1.00 or .50 cents for something. 

Now, it's something fun for me to do to de-stress. Hence the above picture. 

I remember taking a WinterSession class @ Ole Miss last year and I wrote a paper about thrift shopping. My teacher loved it and wanted me to send a copy to a certain department to put on their website about recycling. I just couldn't bring myself to do it but I do feel that it is a great way to re-use things and not spend as much money in the process.

Just a few of my purchases, over many years.

today's puchases- Banana Republic shoes, re-done mirror (i spray painted black) and a new pillow for my couch. :)

 The Deviled Egg Costume! :)

My antique chifferobe. My daddy picked this up from a Craigslist purchase. I added the fabric and such...

Old coke trays for finger nail polish. love this.

My $3.00 BCBG shoes. :)

YardSale finds.

Make-up brush holder or a flower vase... 

Red Mantle Frame

A cheese grater makes a wonderful earring holder!

i've gotten tons of clothes, decor items and lots of killed time.

Oh, so worth it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday.. You're A Good Day!

This little place of mine needs some updating! :)

{one} I'm loving that my Firsties did well on their MAP test. Most of them improved their scores and that makes this teacher happy as a lark!

{two} I'm loving that we have a 4 day weekend coming up! Those make me giddy. Nothing like being able to sleep late and spend more time with those special people in your life. And, we're making plans...

{three} Anything having to do with Owls. I'm loving finding ways to incorporate them into my home decor. Random? Yes, I know!

{four} New apps! My iPhone is seriously attached to my hip. I love finding new apps that make life a little easier.

Wow! Pinterest is the most amazing thing. Wish I would have invented it!

Hello, could a man be any more beautiful!?. Luke! I think not!

Anyone that knows me, knows this couldn't be more perfect!
Please Lord, don't let him want a nasty bulldog!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Going with the owl theme. :)

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

one of each please!

And just for the record. This whole Mississippi State University putting this billboard in Oxford. Tacky, rude, and skanky. Just one more reason I can't stand them. TSBU (the school beneath us).. Wonder why we call them that!
i'm done.

Happy Wednesday! Be glad for all. God loves us just the way we are! :)