Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A few loves.

It's Wednesday, thank the Lord above! :)


I'm loving these sweet shower/wedding invites from sweet friends. I am so excited to be sharing in their season of life called marriage. It'll be fun! Growing up is a hoot. We can't be this old? 

So glad Alti decided to have a flat when I had plenty of help to come get me off the side of the  road. I hate this kind of stuff. :( I have the best brother, future SIL and friends anyone could ask for. :)

and these were delivered to the "friends" who got me off the road. I had to repay the niceness. 

A few pinterest finds! You know I'm always loving these!

piece of daddy's or grandaddy's shirt sewn into dress for something blue! LOVE this idea!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Almost the weekend!