Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhone Dump.

Hey friends! This weekend has been so much fun! Friday night we had BUNCO at my Mother's house and it was a hoot as always. :)

These are some of the gifts that were given. I had so much fun shopping for them and giving them. Pottery, candles, and dishtowels-- every girls' favorites, right?

Now for some more fun. Saturday, Linda, my mother, Bre-Anna, and I went to the Jewelry show in Memphis. So much fun! Bought a scarf and some jewelry. :) We had too much fun.

As I was sitting at home today resting, I looked through my iPhone camera and realized that if I would get rid of some of those pics that I take, my phone might be a little easier to manage. I'm going to rid it of some of my photos that I would love to share. Ready for the madness??

  1. Have you ever seen a dog more spoiled?
  2. Christmas Parades are a great procrastination! :)
  3. Silly Cousins at Mom's house.
  4. Happy 22nd Surprise from the roomies!


  1. Amen.
  2. Sweet Ella Ruth
  3. Brittany's Wedding! Such a sweet day.
  4. Love this saying. :)


  1. Lance Ingram and I- Ole Miss BSU Transfer team
  2. Merle and I- Double Decker
  3. We support Coach Lane. - Took a break from Studying.
  4. Whitney and I @ BSU. This sweet girl is now a MRS. :)

I am going to keep doing this a few times a week until I get these pics off the good ole phone. Hope you are having a wonderful week!