Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.


{1st Grade} I love the conversations that I have with my Firsties. Today one of my little girls asked me why I didn't have any kids. I answered with that I wasn't married. Well, you know where that went. "Ms. Patton, Why you not got a husband?" Geez. Make me feel desperate why don't you? :)

{Girls I get to DO life with} Lauren, Lane, Jenny. All of them. I adore each one for what they bring to the table and the blessing that they have been to me while moving away from my "comfort zone" and into my life grown-up life. God is faithful and he never said it would be easy but that he would make it worth it for his glory. 

Thank you Lord for showing me your blessings tonight. 

{Birthday Celebrations} This weekend I get to celebrate this man's birthday. Craig, even though I'm not sure how old he'll be. Cough, cough-- He's pretty special. I've always looked up to him and thought so much for his sweet family. Even though he is a state fan. yuck!

{pinterest finds} 
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Can we do this in a church wedding??

I want this one day!!

Please let my MOM meet my babies! :)

I'm so thankful that it's almost the weekend. Almost family time, good eating, and lots of laughter. BRING IT!