Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Happy Birthday to the smallest Heard! LOVE YOU! 

Hope you've had the best day!  

{one} I got asked today at school by my "favorite" student if I worked in this building for my job and if I got paid to work there. Ha! no, I do this everyday for Volunteer work! :)

{two} I'm addicted to instagram! 


How fun is this? I adore it!

{three} Wedding Weekend coming up! This girl is becoming a MRS. So excited to share that big day with her!

(the one to the right of me)

{four} this STOP KONY business is SERIOUS! I watched the video today and I completely agree with his thoughts! Why have we not been informed of all of this? It's disturbing! Hopefully, I can get involved somehow! 

{five} It's almost SPRING BREAK. enough said.

Happy Wednesday! 


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I love Instagram too, and LOL at what your favourite student asked you! Cute!