Monday, April 23, 2012


Linking up with Megan. Love writing these little letters. 

Dear Monday, I'm not feeling too sporty, please be nice to me.

Dear Monday, it's 3 1/2 weeks till school is Ova. I will only see 3 more of you as a 1st year teacher. :)

Dear Monday, Is it bad that I start counting down till Friday as soon as you begin? I'm sorry that it's that way. I live for the weekends! 

Dear Monday, I need to clean my apartment. Don't let me be so worn out by the time I get home. That's usually the case. 

I love linking up with these girls to not only show you my life but clear out some iPhone pics!

My daddy used to buy these for me when I was little and I randomly found them at a store up here last week. It was the highlight of my day! :)

love my kitchen. Too bad I'm no Betty Crocker. let me work on that. 

this is my favorite meal at the moment. Pretty sure that if I was on death row and had to choose my last meal, this would be it. 
no worries. I have no intentions of ever having to choose this. :)

Dear 4-runner,

Why must you be so beautiful? You are what I have always wanted but much too expensive for me. I keep telling myself that I will own you after January but we shall see. Maybe the good Lord will watch my back and give teachers a BIG, FAT raise soon! :)

A girl can dream can't she? 

If you own one of these babies, give me some details. Gas mileage/payments/ideas about it!

I was tweeting Kari Jobe, because you know we are bffs and all, and she was showing a sweet picture of her fur baby. You know I had to do the same. This was the face I got! My Harper is the sweetest thing ever. Don't mess. 

Shell came to see me in the "Haven" today and we have this little problem. Twice this has happened. We tend to think alike and match. Notice the Nike shorts. Yeah, that wasn't planned. She has a sweet rental right now, and totally hates it because the car is messedddd up! haha! We went for a cruise, and enjoyed some time to catch up. :)

She posted this after she got home. Man, we have some memories.

Hope you have had a wonderful week


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I count down until Friday as soon as my week begins too... and lordy lordy those 4runners are such beautiful cars. You'll have one before you know it!!