Monday, April 9, 2012

She'll be a MRS.

Emily is getting married!!

Can I please just tell you how excited I am about this lady getting a rock on that left hand??
She had absolutely no clue and that made it even more fun! :)

(emily, sorry I avoided you for an entire week! Let's face it, I'm not a good liar.)

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

I worked with Josh in the Chancellors Office at Ole Miss and we became fast friends. He kept talking about his gf Emily Gasson who I supposedly was in the School of Education with.  I had never met her but I knew that one day I would. Well, wouldn't you know, the next year we were living together in Building 8 at The Exchange. :)

This girl loved Jesus, KD, and her Josh! We became friends overnight and after that it's all uphill. We were kinda inseparable our Senior year because we had just about every class together plus coming home and being together all the time. 

Haley, Emily, Alicia, and I loved to do random ice cream runs, walking at the apartment, or playing in the snow when those days came.  FUN, fun times.

Back to the bling.. Josh has been filling me in for a couple of months on what he is planning to do and I knew that it would be perfect for the two lovebirds. :)

So, on Thursday April 5, Josh and Emily were engaged!  Haley and I met Josh to set up on the 50 yard line of our beloved VAUGHT HEMINGWAY STADIUM
Man, this place holds memories for us all. We set up a picnic filled with things that they had on their very first day. McAlister's sweet tea and a cookie. Plus he had made a book of memories for her and of course flowers and the ring. BLING BLING!

We hid in one of the tunnels in the stadium after receiving the message that they were on their way. Oh, my heart was racing. I wanted it to be perfect. (you too, haley!)
They came in, set down, and looked through the book. Then, he walked her to the Ole Miss on the 50 and got down on one knee. Emily gasped, we cried, and she said YES!

stole this from Haley. an engagement photo shoot of sorts. 

I love this couple to pieces. Can't wait to see what their future has in store. :)

It. was. splendid. 

Hotty Toddy! 


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Love it! So glad I got to spend this special memory with you. Even if we were hiding in a tunnel. Love you!