Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Blog life, to REAL life.

Blogging  has been such a neat experience for me. Some weeks, I can spit out many posts and some (as it's been lately) I can't even get one in.

I've won a giveaway, met some of these friends in person, and some I just love to stalk daily and pretend we are friends! :)

On to the questions...

1. Do you have any real life blog friends?

Emily, and Haley are both bloggers. College Roomates at our best! #hottytoddy

The Best, Caitlyn- She's brutually honest. Check it out now. It'll make you laugh.

Aims- Another roomate that I met at ICC. The best years of our life, right Aims? :)

Ashley- Another sweet lady that I have known my entire life.

AlyssaLots to learn from this girl! 

Claire- another friend I met in college! :)

check these girls out! We've got lots to say.

2. Which blogger are you just dying to meet?
Confessions of a 20 Something
Why, Pink Lou Lou of course!

This girl cracks me up with her blog post and her fabulous hair styles. She is the cutest little Southern belle! Check her out.

She came to Oxford a few months ago and I totally regret meeting up with her!

3. Which blogger's closet do you want to raid?

A Blonde Ambition

Leslie is so cute with her "hot" outfits and cute words of wisdom. Plus, her love story is sweet too! I can always fall for a sappy story. :)

4. You are stuck on an island. Which blogger would you want with you to help you survive?

I didn't even have to think on this one. This lady aboves' blog makes me giggle. She is hilarious, takes pictures, is a wedding planner,and is a Christian. Hopefully, we would survive but in the process we could take cute pics, and plan my dream wedding. Sounds promising, right?

5. The first blogger you remember "meeting" and connecting with ?

I met Rachel who blogs here...


walking into the football stadium at Ole Miss. I'm not going to lie, I was a little star struck. Ha! It's a funny thing when you have to explain to people that these are some bloggy friends. :)
I might get a weird look every once in a while.

There are many other ladies that I love to stalk your everyday life. I would love to catch up with anyone who decides to come to Northeast Mississippi!

We'll be sure to show you a good time!

6. Any blogger that you admire and look up to?


This is a sweet family's blog that I have never met, but having a heart for special needs children, she is a wonderful mother who gives her all for her children to have awesome opportunities! :)

7. Who is the craziest/funniest blogger?

Babbling Abby

I love her expressions! :)

8. There's a reality television show for bloggers, who would you want to be casted with you?
Nicole- She knows lots of sweet knowledge and seems to be very level headed. Plus, she goes to Ole Miss. What's not to love!?
9. Some bloggers have really cool jobs, anybody you'd like to swap careers with?
on this one, I'll plead the fifth and say no. I love my job! :)
10. Favorite blog design?
What Makes Savanah Smile...
Pink, Turquoise, and leopard. What else could be more fabulous? Plus, she's an awesome blogger who let's her into her life and right now, wedding planning. MY FAVORITE!


Claire Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Are we not real life friends?

PinkLouLou Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

you are so sweet! :) thanks sweetie, I'd love to meet you too! I promise I will be back to Oxford, LOVE it there! xox

Nicole Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Gotta love those ole miss friends. ;) PS. We should totally get together one day!

Amy Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Thanks for the shout out! You were the one who got me blogging, so I owe it all to you!

oh and I blame you for my obsession with Kelly's Korner!