Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Photo Tuesday.

I missed my photo session yesterday because my brother was in the hospital and that just came before the link-up. So... Here we go.

My top 5 photos from the weekend:

stole this from a friend. I just think this sums up my life right now!

Saying goodbye to Josh. He starts a BIG job and I'm so proud for him! Now, prayers for Emily. Go! :)

Am I 24 or 2? I love this combination of "not healthy for you" food. #imnotsorry

My classroom today. Now, school starts Monday. Don't freak. Hopefully I will have a cutesy room to show you by the weekend. :)

A friend sent me this pic from Twitter the other day. Oh, community college days! Love these friends!

I'm exhausted from working in my room and being in the hospital. Maybe a better post will come tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday loves!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Ok.

Its Ok Thursdays

{1} that I still can't get into my classroom and Open house is next Thursday. My poor firsties...

{2} that I'm on a cheeto kick. yummy. 

{3} that I'm starting the process for applying to Grad school and it scares me a little.

{4} that I'm a pinterest/facebook/twitter/instagram addict. Help me please!

{5} that I love watching criminal shows/law shows but only in daytime or if I am NOT by myself.

{6} that I love watching the Golden Girls. I will be them one day! :)

The Golden Girls

Hope you are having a great Thursday! 

It's almost the weekend, AHHH! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday fun.

It feels like forever, ladies! 

I'm stressing because I can't work in my classroom, YET so let's just have a little fun and pretend that I live in a perfect world! :)

BTW: this is my last Wednesday post before I am a "teacher" again. I'm sorta sad about this. 
but, thank you Lord for a job!

{one} I am very, very thankful that my God provides and he is always watching out for us, even when we don't deserve it. I've realized lately that I need to get back on fire for him and do what I know is right every minute, every day. 

{two}I'm loving that Dollar Tree/Target have dollar items that are perfect for my classroom. :) It's too much fun to go in there and just play!

{three}I'm loving that I had a chance to have lunch with a sweet friend yesterday who I've not seen in a while. It's good to catch up and share your life with others. It does this Southern soul good!

{four}I'm loving that my parents are always there for me and are willing to help! I know that I repeat myself a lot but I just am so thankful for their help! Such sweet people, I tell you. 39 years of marriage last week. Love is evident. :)

         and now...

I tell you, I become more in love with pinterest every day!

 Go print one, NOW! 

Source: etsy.com via Lauren on Pinterest

I might need one of everything here. Enjoy your Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrating Southern: {food and beverage}

Hope you have had a wonderful Tuesday. Mine was filled with sweet smiles from this girl. She was a joy to keep today. Love you, Maddie!  

Lets talk food and beverages!

Southern folks love us some food. Our churches revolve around God, duh, and food. Seriously, we have fellowship all the time to celebrate life and the good things that our Lord blesses us with.

My family loves fried chicken, green beans wrapped in bacon, fried potatoes, potato patties, hashbrowns, (pretty much any potato), macaroni and cheese, and pretty much any vegetable as long as it is fried.  Are you noticing a pattern here?

Beverages in the South. Sweet tea what else is there? Actually Diet Coke or Coke is a super popular drink. Now, lets set this straight. In the South if you say a Coke that doesn't necessarily mean that we would like a "Coke" product. We could be talking about Pepsi, or anything that fizzes. We don't usually clarify until something is said. Just a heads up.

Being from the South is one of my favorite things. I love all the things that sets us apart, even if it does make us a very obese part of the country. So.be.it.

Can't wait to see your ideas about being Southern.

Loud and proud!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up. It's Monday.

I love sharing all the photos I take during the weekend. That's usually when I get the most inspiration to whip out the iPhone and take a photo of something. So, lets show you what my life consisted of this past weekend.

Hold on to your britches... 

not really. 

{found this table and I love. You will probably be seeing it with a tv on top, soon.}

{Harper got a new friend, Quackers, and she loves him! Too bad we left him at the grandparent's house.}

{ I got to have a wonderful lunch with my ICC roomates! We caught up on life and had a great time. Isn't lunch with friends so much fun?}

{ I finally found a dress for Em's Engagement Party. And.... @ Goodwill for $5.99! I was pumped. Let the festivities begin!}

So, what did you do this weekend? Can't wait to see what all you ladies did differently than I did!

Link-up with Leslie

This series is all about being southern! 
{hair and makeup trends}

{blonde and poofy}- I've got the highlighted blonde down but the poof isn't happening. If I could, I would. Most southern belles love a good poof. Highlighted hair is IN. Most of us go to the hair salon to get our hair did. It's just something we do.

{make up} Southern girls love blush and lip stick. My mama firmly believes that no girl should leave the house without lipstick and full makeup. I'm sorry to say that I let her down often. Sorry mom.

How do you measure up to us Southern Belles?

Friday, July 13, 2012


Dear Mississippi- I know this might be asking a lot but could you please think about all the responsibilities that a teacher has and pay us a little more! Thanks. Dear bathtime- I adore you! My Karen Kingsbury book calls my name when you are around. Dear God- thank you for being mighty and faithful, especially in times when I am not. I'm forever grateful. Dear apartment- get ready! I haven't seen you in quite a while and the cleaning and re-arranging is going to get serious. This is your warning! Dear blog readers- I know that you listen to my rantings and precious moments-- Thank you for that! Please, please leave me some comments! I love hearing what you have to say. Honestly, it makes my day when an email pops up saying that someone has actually read this little blog of mine. :)

Hope you enjoy your Friday. I'm hoping for a fun day with some friends!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Show some love.

{one} I'm appreciative for the time that I spent with my daddy this morning! Quality time @ Walmart! Ha!
Source: google.com via Chrisy on Pinterest

{two} I'm loving Craigslist shopping. Seriously, I have an obsession with buying furniture and "stuff" cheap. It's too much fun! My bank account wouldn't agree. I might not have any food for the rest of the summer but dead gum it, that table will look cute! :)
I kid, kind of.

{three} I'm loving all these ideas/projects that I am trying to get done before school starts. I'm also obsessed with Pinterest and i need to quit finding little things that I just "know" that I can do. Y'all.. I might just have to start a boutique. It is my dream------?

{four} I'm loving that I have time to blog, Almost every day this summer. I can't wait to share with you more as this 2nd year as a teacher progresses. Join my other blog here-- www.1stgradebound.blogspot.com

What are you thankful for or loving this day?
Source: etsy.com via Becky on Pinterest

Monday, July 9, 2012

iPhone Monday.

Happy Monday! Hope you had an interesting weekend! Mine was pretty laid back and I'm happy that I had time to get some stuff done.

Love this link-up because I am able to show you what I did over the weekend and it helps me to clear photos off the old iPhone. :)
Shall we begin?

this sweet baby, Harper has gotten sooo bad! She is getting to where she just cannot handle strangers. She barks, growls, bites, and nags until we have to put her in a seperate room. It's so sad but I can't risk letting her do something terrible. Bad girl!

got this gem at TJMaxx- $25.00-- and there goes my purse allowance for the month. It was worth the money. I love it! :) -- thanks Emily for letting me copy you! :)

I'm so happy the family came over today and visited. It was a treat getting to see them some other time besides Christmas. This is my cousin, J, and he is home from an almost 2 year stint in the Peace Corp. He had a little medical scare and we are all thankful that the Lord brought him home. Cousins think alike-- look at those Chacos!

Look at those personalized dressing rooms. I think that this is so cute! The store we were in is one of my favorite boutiques to shop at in Oxford, and what don't I like in zebra print!?

A friend of mine bought this shelf for her house and I love it! If you know where I can get one that looks something like this I neeeeeeeed it! :) Let me know!

Can't wait to see your weekend in pictures!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Source: google.com via Spencer on Pinterest

So, I'm thinking about life at the moment.

God has blessed me in so many ways that I can't even count. He has given me a family who loves me no matter how I act, or what I do. They are always there and willing to back my up for who I am.  My friends are awesome. We all have our differences and circumstances going on that can seperate from time to time, but overall we have each others backs.

I think about how my friends have all had a "season" in my life. I had those high school friends who I never thought would become a thing of the past, but sadly after almost 5 years of HS graduation, I have seen a handful of them face to face. Now, Facebook has allowed me to keep up with them for the most part and for that I am thankful! It's wonderful to see on FB a friend getting engaged, married, and having kids. It's a neat thing how my Savior works!

Next, came those precious years at ICC, by far the "best years of my life".  I met some of the best friends a girl could have. The BSU was an amazing place to make those connections and dig deeper into my faith with those people. I wished it would never end but knew that it would. After 2 years in Fulton, graduation came and I said goodbye to lots of friendships and memories.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Then comes Ole Miss. I've longed to be here my entire life. I bleed red and blue. I'm instantly thrown into a whole new area of my life and God is good again. He gives me lots of new friends, and aquaintances that enrich my time there so much! I'll forever be grateful that I had people to rely on and make memories with during those last 2 years of college.

Now, I'm an "adult" and in a completely different, but precious time of my life. New friends have come along, and lots of old friends still are puzzle pieces in my life. I'm so thankful that God has big plans and he knows exactly what he is doing. When I get confused and think of old memories that include friends that I haven't seen in months/years, I'm thankful instead of sad!

So, with this said. If you are any of these friends whether from high school, college, real world, or even a new friend. Thank you! I am so happy that you form that puzzle that enriches my life everyday. I have lots of friends that have been there from birth, some that i met in junior high, and I'm thankful that they have traveled this journey called life with me. No matter where you fit in, just know that my heart rejoices and thanks HIM for you!

Just felt like I needed to share my heart. I'm thankful for you all.

For such a time is this...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Letters because it's Friday.

I can't believe it's Friday again. This week has flown by. Before I know it, it'll be August 1st and I'll be back in the classroom. But, for now let me just get to the letters before I get depressed! :)

Dear sonic- your free Route 44 Diet Cokes make my day. People, look at the bottom of your receipts, they are generous sometimes! Dear summer-as stated above, please slow down. I'm loving sleeping late and doing as I please. I don't want you to change that. Dear parents-thank you for forking over your hard earned money to fix my teeth yet again. I'm sorry those 5 years in braces didn't fix my problemo.  Dear GAC- thank you for showing my husband aka Chris Young tonight on your origins show. Good to know that my mother and father in law are good people! Dear memory box-I almost cried today going through your items. Good, good times were in there. I'm an adult and that depresses me just a bit. Dear caitlyn-thank you for letting me spend 2 days in the "bus". I'm glad you forced me to get up and see that sunrise. I really enjoyed the experience, even though I felt it for days. I'm also glad we share the same feelings toward state, HOTTY TODDY!

Dear BreAnna-you love my brother, therefore, I have to love you. :) It's a joke!
thanks for our good times!

 that's all folks.