Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Misikko Dreams.

It's been a fun Monday and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but here's something a little more fun.

Pretend you were given a $350 gift certificate to Misikko and told that you could pick anything you wanted??

I've been given that opportunity and here are my wishes. I feel like I'm waiting on Santa during Christmas time.

FHI Pink Hair Dryer - Nano Weight Pro 1800 

love this hair dryer. Light-weight and oh, so fashionable. Wouldn't you love to have something this pretty and sensible sitting in your bathroom?? I know I would!
If I won this beaut, I would dry my hair quickly, and stylishly. :)

Corioliss Wand Ceramic Curling Iron .5 (13mm) - Click to enlarge

This curling iron is awesome! I seldom curl my hair because of this southern humidity, it doesn't stay very long any way! But, to have this around for when I need it would be an awesome thing. I would use this iron to make my hair have sweet, southern curls and try my best to make the hair beautiful!

H2PRO Allegro Ceramic Flat Iron 1 - Click to enlarge 

I've got the straightest hair in the nation but I love this flat iron.  When I have that unexpected crinkle or a curly- headed friend comes to visit, I'll have it on hand!

I've never used anything from this company but was contacted by them to do this giveaway/review. Even though I would say that they are super awesome, this is just my personal opinion!

Source: tweakiz.com via Claire on Pinterest