Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Photo Tuesday.

I missed my photo session yesterday because my brother was in the hospital and that just came before the link-up. So... Here we go.

My top 5 photos from the weekend:

stole this from a friend. I just think this sums up my life right now!

Saying goodbye to Josh. He starts a BIG job and I'm so proud for him! Now, prayers for Emily. Go! :)

Am I 24 or 2? I love this combination of "not healthy for you" food. #imnotsorry

My classroom today. Now, school starts Monday. Don't freak. Hopefully I will have a cutesy room to show you by the weekend. :)

A friend sent me this pic from Twitter the other day. Oh, community college days! Love these friends!

I'm exhausted from working in my room and being in the hospital. Maybe a better post will come tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday loves!