Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up. It's Monday.

I love sharing all the photos I take during the weekend. That's usually when I get the most inspiration to whip out the iPhone and take a photo of something. So, lets show you what my life consisted of this past weekend.

Hold on to your britches... 

not really. 

{found this table and I love. You will probably be seeing it with a tv on top, soon.}

{Harper got a new friend, Quackers, and she loves him! Too bad we left him at the grandparent's house.}

{ I got to have a wonderful lunch with my ICC roomates! We caught up on life and had a great time. Isn't lunch with friends so much fun?}

{ I finally found a dress for Em's Engagement Party. And.... @ Goodwill for $5.99! I was pumped. Let the festivities begin!}

So, what did you do this weekend? Can't wait to see what all you ladies did differently than I did!

Link-up with Leslie

This series is all about being southern! 
{hair and makeup trends}

{blonde and poofy}- I've got the highlighted blonde down but the poof isn't happening. If I could, I would. Most southern belles love a good poof. Highlighted hair is IN. Most of us go to the hair salon to get our hair did. It's just something we do.

{make up} Southern girls love blush and lip stick. My mama firmly believes that no girl should leave the house without lipstick and full makeup. I'm sorry to say that I let her down often. Sorry mom.

How do you measure up to us Southern Belles?


Alyssa Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

You know what my Aunt Ann says about makeup..."Hon, if you'll just get up in tha mornin', brush yo' hair, and put on a lil lipstick, yo' day will be so much bettah already!" hahaha! I require a little more makeup than just lipstick though!

And yes, I'll be happy to share my mater soup with you! I actually have some put up in pint jars instead of big ones, just for one person to eat. Or, me and Meagan are canning some more the end of this week if you want to join the party and learn how!

Savanah Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

i can't believe you found that dress at Good will!!!! so cute!!!