Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football season is upon us...

Source: olemiss.edu via Brenda on Pinterest

It's almost that time. Saturdays in Oxford! The Grove, tailgating, pretty dresses, cute kiddos in their football jerseys and their smocked dresses. Oh, my heart can't stand it! I'm so excited for it to be Football Season again! :)

Yes, he is!
Stole this from Sarah's Blog. It's too good not to share!

The 10 Commandments of College Football

1. Thou shalt wear team colors. But think twice before adorning yourself with body paint—you don’t want to be the Internet photo that goes viral.
2. Thou shalt know—and sing—your team’s fight song from beginning to end. Sure, you can “watermelon watermelon” your way through the alma mater, but not memorizing the fight song is a fan failure.
3. Thou shalt keep your language clean (unless, of course, the quarterback fumbles on fourth and goal).
4. Thou shalt support the coach. Even when his calls are questionable.
5. Thou shalt be respectful to visiting teams. Remember: Southern ladies and gentlemen never boo.
(not sure I agree with this one. For those of you that know me.....)
6. Thou shalt set up a tailgate no fewer than three hours before kickoff (six if it’s a night game). Table linens and matching huggers encouraged, but not required.
7. Thou shalt theme your tailgate food around the visiting rival. Gator bites, anyone?
8. Thou shalt stay through the fourth quarter—rain or shine. That’s what ponchos are for, y’all.
9. Thou shalt respect the solemnity of Game Day by planning weddings, births, and other life events around the football schedule.
10. Thou shalt not covet other teams’ bowl games, national championships, or Heisman Trophy wins. There’s always next year.

Isn't this awesome! Share with me your favorite game day traditions?

Hotty Toddy y'all!

Monday, August 27, 2012

iPhone dump Mondays!

What a fun weekend! Let's share some pictures!

Hope you had lots to document too!

{nothing like seeing your Dad ride off on his motorcycle!}
It's his mid-life crises, I swear! 

My bubble necklace is my staple! Love, love it! 
Check eBay before you pay oodles and oodles!

My grandmother! Can you believe she is almost 87! She is our rock!

Do you really need to ask who I'm voting for?? 
(and for the record, not just for his shirt.}

love my cutting board, Emily!! Thank you so much!

my latest Goodwill find. I've been looking for these little mantle/shelves. :)

My Friday night field trip to the fire department! :) 
Too much fun brother! 

Can't wait to see your weekend in pics! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I need you to know that I am...

God has blessed this Southern lady. For that I feel like I need to show you how. He is a good and gracious God and he loves when we thank him for it all. :)

  1. My family. - the Lord knew that I would need special people to put up with me. So thankful for my piece of heaven.
  2. Harper Grace- sweet little furbaby. Her so sweet.
  3. Bellevue Baptist Church-the little one. I love my church family. It's like a family reunion every Sunday.
  4. Ole Miss-It's been in my blood since I was born, so basically I bleed red and blue. But seriously, I met some awesome friends, got a degree that I worked my tail off for, and got to walk across the stage in one of my happy places on earth. :)
  5. All the ladies I call my friends- couldn't imagine life without them. High school football games, vacations, College living, and now marriage and babies. It's crazy how involved we are, and I couldn't be happier to share in every season with them!
  6. My job- if you would have asked me last year how it was going, I wouldn't have been so positive. This year, different story. I LOVE what I do! It's what I've always wanted to do.
  7. blogging-I love the opportunities that I have had through blogging. Sharing things that I love for people to read. It all started in that little dorm room at ICC and I'm thankful that its a part of my life.
  8. hearing/sight-I know you are thinking, what? I seriously think about what would happen if I couldn't hear or see. I am so thankful that I have that blessing.
  9.    patience- God has given me that, and I'm so thankful. Being flexible and patient has gotten me pretty far in this life. I'm so thankful that is one of my things! 
  10. Salvation- God touched my heart when I was 9 years old, I'm not perfect and I still have my earthly problems but I'm so thankful that he has given me something great to live for.
Many, many, many more. I just think 10 is a good number to share! 
Share your blessings. I would love to read! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend dump.

this weekend was fun, exhausting, and full of being tired!

My mother, cousin, and I decided that we "needed" some more pottery so we drove to the Delta and got us some MORE Peter's Pottery.
this involved sleeping in our cars with mosquitoes, overnight and also getting rained on just a little. But, we got some pottery for a cheaper price and that always makes this girl happy!

{one} Harper loves to have her head out the window. But, then she sneezes and that ruins the fun! 
{two} On my way home-home, I saw the famous hay bale. They change it with the seasons! Almost that time, HOTTY TODDY!

{three} My Peter's Pottery purchases. Tongue twister, but love my new things! :)

{four} Mrs. Leslie found this at Goodwill! Love friends who do random fun/kind things. Fun fact- Mrs. Leslie taught me how to thrift/Goodwill shop. Makes it even more special.

I've got a good post ready for this week! Get ready. It'll show you some things I've been thinking about lately!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Time I ate alone at a restaurant.......

Happy Wednesday!

I don't know about y'all but I've never been one that liked to eat alone in a restaurant. Now, a drive through I'll do any day of the week, but who doesn't?

Well, I conquered that fear tonight. I was craving mexican before church and that's when THIS happened. I was very impressed with myself. It really wasn't bad, Bre Anna!
Actually, it was a little relaxing. I'll definitely be doing that again, soon! 

So, moral of the story. Maybe I should try things that I'm not used to more often. 
End of story! 

Now, on to more important things.

Oh, how true! Hope to be back SOOON! :)

this caught my eye! Any takers to buy me this?

Source: twitter.com via Lauren on Pinterest

truth. (excuse the word) :)

Hotty Toddy! :)

Simply Perfect!

Monday, August 13, 2012

iPhone Dump.

Oh, my goodness! I haven't blogged in a week. I'm so glad to be back. First grade has started and I'm a happy teacher so far! It's going so well!

We had a photo booth the first day! My kids thought it was cool, kind of. :)

check out my "teaching" blog

Be honest! I love this outfit but I feel like it doesn't match at all. It's comfortable and that's all that matters but I like to be semi-fashionable too! 

love love my mantle! I adore chevron pattern these days and found this free monogram printable on Pinterest. If you would like to make your own, go here! 

I've found this new love of Ebay. Just do yourself a favor and don't get started. Trust me, even though it is a fun little time waster!

This is my name plate outside of the classroom. I love owls and I thought this was perfect! 

Now, for you McCarty collectors. I was perusing the isles at Goodwill last week and found this piece for .99! I was so excited I could have screamed. For those of you who think that I am looney, this piece runs for about $35.00! :)
And that is why I love thrifting.

World meet Milo! 
My brother's gf adopted him from the humane society and he is one sweet dog. Love him already!

love Friday night Bunco! It was at my mother's house and we had a great time! This is such a fun game that we all enjoy getting together and eating/playing/talking! :)

Last but not least, little Lynlee at church yesterday! Oh, the nursery makes me full of joy! I can't wait to be a mama one day! 

That's my past week/weekend in photos! I'll be back regularly soon! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

iPhone Dump! :)

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! In my part of town, lots of fun was had! Nothing beats being at home with people you love. :)

Let me show you a little from my life. You just can't beat iPhone pics. 

Harper doesn't love the ride back home from her grandparent's house. 

my daddy was embarrassed of my car, so he cleaned her. Maybe I should try this more often! 
love you daddy! 

my new motto for the afternoons. 

if mama and I hear of a thrift/yard sale we are there! My finds from the weekend. Can't beat a good deal.

love text like these from my mama! She knows me so well.

What did you do over the weekend? Link up and let me see those pictures...

Tomorrow is the first day of the school year! I'm sure you'll get the run-down.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Time for some blanks.

1.  I am proud of  my brother for being in the hospital for two whole days and still taking a HUGE test with the Fire Department! You go, brother!

2.   This weekend I will   at home with my family, eating mexican food, and shopping at a community wide yard sale in Oxford! Fun times, I'm sure!

3.  A secret dream I have is  to own a boutique one day. Seriously, it would be awesome! Second, is to be a life specialist at LeBonheur Children's hospital. 

4. I can't handle    when people make weird noses with their mouths. I have severe anxiety when this happens. haha

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is   traffic when I am late, people blowing their nose in public.

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is   laying on the beach and listening to the waves. Can it be June again?

7.  I think everyone should   thank teachers even more than some people do. Doctors, share your salaries. Also, everybody believe in Jesus. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It'll all be ok.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

{that I am utterly exhausted after working in my room for 8 hours today.}

{that I'm sitting here letting this nappy hair air dry because I am too lazy to blow-dry it.}

{that apple juice and cheetos are my favorite snacks right now.}

{that I'm obsessed with Owls.}

{that I love the sale isle at Kroger! Thanks to Amy Chrestman. :)}

Hope you have all had a great Thursday, I'm beat. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid Week Randoms.

{one} My room doesn't look like this madhouse anymore. Granted, it isn't completed but we are working on it! :)

{two} I love, love, love the olympics. Now, let me explain. I might not watch it 24/7, and half of the time I don't even know what is going on. But, I love the atmosphere and the pride that goes along with being from the USA and having the awesome athletes that we do representing our great nation!

{three} so thankful for books that are God breathed and helpful in any situations that I might be going through. I came home this afternoon, had a horrible headache, and took a bubble bath. You know those days? Well, here is what I found today while doing a little bathtub reading:

There's Someone who already knows you that well and loves you that much.  He knew you before you were even born.  He knew what every day of your entire life would hold.  He knew about every mistake you'd ever make, every rebellious thought you'd ever have, and every sin you'd ever commit, yet He loves you so much that he chose to die for you. 
- Young Woman's Battle

{four} loving these pins.

Source: rstyle.me via Lauren on Pinterest