Monday, August 27, 2012

iPhone dump Mondays!

What a fun weekend! Let's share some pictures!

Hope you had lots to document too!

{nothing like seeing your Dad ride off on his motorcycle!}
It's his mid-life crises, I swear! 

My bubble necklace is my staple! Love, love it! 
Check eBay before you pay oodles and oodles!

My grandmother! Can you believe she is almost 87! She is our rock!

Do you really need to ask who I'm voting for?? 
(and for the record, not just for his shirt.}

love my cutting board, Emily!! Thank you so much!

my latest Goodwill find. I've been looking for these little mantle/shelves. :)

My Friday night field trip to the fire department! :) 
Too much fun brother! 

Can't wait to see your weekend in pics! 


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I just bought my bubble necklace on Groopdealz they are 14.99! Can't wait to get it.