Monday, August 6, 2012

iPhone Dump! :)

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! In my part of town, lots of fun was had! Nothing beats being at home with people you love. :)

Let me show you a little from my life. You just can't beat iPhone pics. 

Harper doesn't love the ride back home from her grandparent's house. 

my daddy was embarrassed of my car, so he cleaned her. Maybe I should try this more often! 
love you daddy! 

my new motto for the afternoons. 

if mama and I hear of a thrift/yard sale we are there! My finds from the weekend. Can't beat a good deal.

love text like these from my mama! She knows me so well.

What did you do over the weekend? Link up and let me see those pictures...

Tomorrow is the first day of the school year! I'm sure you'll get the run-down.


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what great yard sale finds!! I love that frame :) and I love it when my husband cleans my car because it starts to embarrass him. LOL

<3 Amy

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