Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend dump.

this weekend was fun, exhausting, and full of being tired!

My mother, cousin, and I decided that we "needed" some more pottery so we drove to the Delta and got us some MORE Peter's Pottery.
this involved sleeping in our cars with mosquitoes, overnight and also getting rained on just a little. But, we got some pottery for a cheaper price and that always makes this girl happy!

{one} Harper loves to have her head out the window. But, then she sneezes and that ruins the fun! 
{two} On my way home-home, I saw the famous hay bale. They change it with the seasons! Almost that time, HOTTY TODDY!

{three} My Peter's Pottery purchases. Tongue twister, but love my new things! :)

{four} Mrs. Leslie found this at Goodwill! Love friends who do random fun/kind things. Fun fact- Mrs. Leslie taught me how to thrift/Goodwill shop. Makes it even more special.

I've got a good post ready for this week! Get ready. It'll show you some things I've been thinking about lately!

Happy Monday!


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that pottery is so pretty!! Looks like it was a fun trip! :)