Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Road again...

Weekends go by too quickly.

Seriously, I feel like it just started. Let's recap the weekend. Oh, how I live for these precious times!

Friday night, the girls had bunco. Afterwards we decided to grace the square and look for Matthew McConaughey and all of his glory. Well, that was a fail but look who I DID meet! I'll take it. 

Then, Saturday rolls around. My daddy, brother, and grandmother all have birthdays in September so Mi Familia decided to drive to Memphis and eat at Texas de Brazil. I think I'm still full! So much fun.
Happy Birthday people!!!

This happened..
I walked to the stadium around halftime and low and behold this dude is getting arrested in front of my eyes. Caitlyn and I are being SUPER nosey but who wouldn't be! We stood there while this dude talked to us and everyone around us. He was so excited and not too sad that he was going to jail.
Come to find out, he was the streaker! Oh, I love the experiences I have!

The yankee decided to come home and watch his Rebels and see his lovely lady this weekend! So glad I got to see these two. 
Wedding is SOOOOON!

Wore this outfit Sunday to Church and loved it. Pinterest inspired for sure!

I've ran out of topics to blog on. Help me people!!

Enjoy your week. God is blessing us people!