Sunday, October 28, 2012

it's beginning to feel a lot like.....

this weekend was the perfect fall weekend. 
hot chocolate, soups, hayrides, scarves and boots. I. love.everything.about.fall.
Our church had a great time at our Fall Festival and I had the pleasure of loving on some wonderful adults and people. God gave me a beautiful church family and I'm very thankful for it. 
I got to babysit my sweet girls after the festival so their mama and daddy could go to the class reunion. We had a fun time playing and watching movies. I love these littles.

now for the evidence that this weekend was too much fun.                  

{1} silly girls! Not wanting to sleep.
{2} Sweet friend's save the date. Can't wait for this wedding!

{3} Sweet babies at the Fall Festival. 
{4} Mama and I "fallin" it up! 


{5} Fun Pinterest Pumpkin "dart" game.
{6} In case you didn't hear, their belief didn't help. 
Alabama is still #1 in the SEC. When will this change?

Look at that face? I wonder why she gets away with so much.

What did you do this weekend? Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did.

Leave some comments, people!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a little blog sale.

Anybody that knows me well, knows that I love a good yard sale. I feel like I'm having an indoor yard sale today and I am so excited. :)

I've been looking around my apartment for some time and tonight I said, "self, I'm going to have a sale." Now, let me be honest. I love a good name brand and I have my share but a lot of my "everyday" clothes are just that. Nothing special. 

If you see something that you would like and you are local, I will be happy to find a way to get you the item. If you are not local and you would like, please leave a comment on the post with what you would like and I will send you a Paypal invoice through your email. 

My email address is if you have any questions about any of my things!

Happy Shopping! 

Old Navy Flower flats. 
Size 9

Polka Dot Dress from a local boutique. Size L

Chalkboard tray. So fun!

Jonathan Adler Charger dock.
(can hold cords for iphone etc..)

Such a cute, cute shirt from Forever21. Just a little small from a dryer mishap. Size 2XL but fits more like an L-XL.
(sorry for the wrinkles, I was lazy)

Green Leather purse. :)
Notice the green pattern... 

Long scarf! Can be used as a wrap as well. 
Green Chiffon Shirt, XL

Larry Levine Dress Jeans 
size 12

Size XL shirt from Loft.

London Fog "hot pink" peacoat. :)

White Beads with Flower Necklace. 
Nike Swim Top Pink/green
Tags still attached! 
Size L.

Plate tower.

XL Dress.

Both size 9. :)

Xhilaration Shirt from Target
size XL

Thanks for still reading! Promise this won't become an often post. It wore me out! :)

Hope you found something you liked!

Monday, October 22, 2012

lovely weekend.

Hey y'all! 

It's Monday. And.. I can't believe that the weekend flewwwww by. That makes for one un-happy Monday morning teacher. But, when those babies walked in, my attitude changed. PROMISE!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent with the girls I love the most, mi familia. Enjoy the pictures. I didn't take many but you get the picture...

1.) Ronaldo- Jewelry designer. We drove to Aberdeen, Mississippi and met this lovely, nice man. He sincerely was so excited that people were there buying/looking/ohhing and ahhing over his jewelry. Such a fun experience. 

2.) My grandmother, "Mom", went with us and she WON a free bracelet for being the "oldest customer" of the day. She was thrilled. Seriously. And, yours truly reminded her that I was her only and favorite grandaughter. (just doing my duty)

3.) I baked a cake tonight. Who am I? It was pretty good too. I seriously need to take a cooking class before I meet my "special man".

4.) My happy for fall. I went "picking" in an old abandoned house and found some cabinet doors. (with permission of course!) Found this on pinterest, and bam- made a "close enough" version. I'll hopefully spiffy it up later. :)

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

hope you are having a great Monday and week so far. 

I'm wanting to have a bloggy sale. Wonder who would show up for it?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Time for blanks.

1.  One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is    spend precious time with the familia. Harper is excited about going home too! 
2.  A big pet peeve of mine is  when people leave seconds left on the microwave, and when people make noises while eating. Oh, that sends me into witch mode!
3.  I am really loving   tights, colorful outfits, and Tory Burch this season. Seriously, I may be splurging soon!

4. The rain is  so relaxing at night when I can lay in bed and enjoy it, but annoying as CRAP when I have to plan my day around it in the afternoons.
5. My favorite girly indulgence is  purses and shoes. Oh my goodness! My closet overflows with this. I have to stop. Thrifting is a close second.

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is "I'm giving my life to the only one, who makes the moon reflect the sun." Sing it Caitlyn! We like to sing this rendition in a British accent. Fun, fun times.

7.  The best cure for stress is  a hot, hot bubble bath and country music. It's a favorite pastime of mine! Try it, seriously!

Happy Friday! Enjoy it, people! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Good. The Bad. No Ugly.

Hello my friends! Hope you had a wonderful, exciting weekend! I sure didn't have my busiest weekend but it was just as nice. So, let's get started, shall we?

First: Friday night, the best and I met in Oxford and hung out on the square watching the crazies, and soaking up every bit of fun that we could. I'm pretty sure I've helped make her into a huge "Oxford" admirer. I'm pretty dang proud...

Second:  My Rebels pulled an SEC win Saturday and I could have maybe did cry a little! It was a wonderful victory and I enjoyed sitting on my couch watching the game in my pjs. BUT... What I would have given to be in my Red dress, waving my pom-pom and yelling Hotty Toddy over and over and over again. But, these were our good/awesome/bad scenes from the game. Whoever put this together, you did good my friend. These plays were awesome! I can't tell you how proud I am of our team stepping up and playing like us LOYAL fans have been waiting to see!

Third: Mama and I went shopping after the game Saturday and I bought some wonderful fall candles at Bath and Body Works. Go check them out, seriously. I might have been in there 30 minutes because I can't make decisions. :)

Fourth: It's Monday. 8:00 at Horn Lake Elementary, one of my babies vomited on the carpet and guess who had to call the janitor because she couldn't handle it? ME! It was awful and I felt so sorry for him. Does it make me a sweeter teacher that I half held him/walked him to the bathroom to clean up!? Poor, poor baby.

and Fifth: I'm going this weekend on a girls outing to meet a jewelry designer. Want to take a guess who it is? I'll be posting about this, I am sure! So excited. Is it Friday yet? I am not going to be a negative nanny and wish this week away. I can do this! 

Happy Monday! We've got 4 days to make a difference in someone's life. Let's do this!

Some pictures that I think you should see.


After my night walk. I'm relaxing now! Isn't life grand?

i told my daddy I found my Christmas present. 
He was excited.

Mama and I visited St. Peter's and had too much fun! 
Love this place!

and the results. Love it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

blog silence.

No regular post. Sending out prayers to my Savior for this family.

Heart breaking... Read their story here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

link up love.

Hey lovely readers!
You all know I adore Instagram. What better way to show you what I've been doing lately! Watch and be amazed. Believe me you will be jealous! bahahaha.. Note my sarcasm.

{one} Loving my Peter's Pottery mug! It held my first cup of hot chocolate for the fall and it was wonderful! :) {two} Love, love, love my red and blue weekend outfit! All from Old Navy!! except for the bubble necklace of course! :)


{three} My sweet mama bought me this Happy Halloween mat! Isn't it cute? I'm not really all about the gaudy, gory halloween decor. Don't get me wrong, if its your thing GO FOR IT, but I'm just not feeling it. I thought this fit in with my decor perfectly! {four} and finally, my precious living room! This place is where I spend 99.9% of my time and it's what I spend the most money on! I pretty much stole this pumpkin canvas from a store last summer for $5.00. Think I got a deal?

If you want to follow me on instagram, go to my button at the top of my page! 

Now, on to another addiction. 

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I'm watching and listening. Are you?

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

i would agree.

i'm hoping this is a weekend project... Right, dad?

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I need this to happen. and soon, please. 

Happy almost, Thursday! I can't wait until the weekend. 

Fall break, here I come!!