Monday, October 22, 2012

lovely weekend.

Hey y'all! 

It's Monday. And.. I can't believe that the weekend flewwwww by. That makes for one un-happy Monday morning teacher. But, when those babies walked in, my attitude changed. PROMISE!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent with the girls I love the most, mi familia. Enjoy the pictures. I didn't take many but you get the picture...

1.) Ronaldo- Jewelry designer. We drove to Aberdeen, Mississippi and met this lovely, nice man. He sincerely was so excited that people were there buying/looking/ohhing and ahhing over his jewelry. Such a fun experience. 

2.) My grandmother, "Mom", went with us and she WON a free bracelet for being the "oldest customer" of the day. She was thrilled. Seriously. And, yours truly reminded her that I was her only and favorite grandaughter. (just doing my duty)

3.) I baked a cake tonight. Who am I? It was pretty good too. I seriously need to take a cooking class before I meet my "special man".

4.) My happy for fall. I went "picking" in an old abandoned house and found some cabinet doors. (with permission of course!) Found this on pinterest, and bam- made a "close enough" version. I'll hopefully spiffy it up later. :)

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

hope you are having a great Monday and week so far. 

I'm wanting to have a bloggy sale. Wonder who would show up for it?


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What a fun weekend! I call one of my Grandmothers "mom" too :) Lucky her for winning a bracelet. Your cake looks quite yummy!!