Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Linking up with Shanna today for some random"ness". Seriously, that's my life these days so why not?

uno. I am loving my old school tv shows that are coming on these days. Full House, Brady Bunch, Boy Meets World, oh yeah. Makes my day every day when I get to enjoy the laughter. Seriously, so much better than all these reality shows. even though, I sure love those too!

dos.  I'm so ready to put my Christmas decor up but I know that I need to keep on the tradition of waiting until after thanksgiving. But, it might have to happen verrrry soon, I want to enjoy it for a while! 

tres.  There have been so many deaths/accidents/ scares in my community of friends and family and it has really opened my eyes to see how precious each day, each minute in this life is. I hope that you and I take every minute of our life seriously and enjoy it to the fullest. It can be gone so quickly. 

Just saying... :)

quatro Amen and amen. I have a problem with people basing my pay on what a child does. Do adults have bad days, think about how children could have those too? 
the end. :)

Hope you are having a great week. It's almost the weekend! 


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have you heard that theres going to be a new 'boy meets world' spin off?! Its called "girl meets world" and it's about corey and topanga's high school aged daughter! I hope it lives up to the original!!