Monday, November 5, 2012

the most fun weekends.

hello my blog readers! I feel like it has been forever and a day!

this daylight savings time has thrown me for a loop. I feel like I have bronchitis and I'm exhausted and feel like it's midnight. (it's 5:51, to be exact)

So, this past week and weekend was cuhhhraaazzzzy. I've packed lots of stuff in and I've made some wonderful memories. What do you get when you mix 3 spunky ladies, 4 meals eaten at yummy restaurants, and a wonderful church service with said people. 
** an awesome weekend, DUH! 

let the pictures commence.

my sweet class made my mama a card! I think she  LOVED it. :)

this is mother and cousin, Linda. 
(she's like my 2nd mother)
Lots of people say that I'm more of her daughter than my own mother. She fits in well! :)

we attended the Helen Brett Jewelry show, one of our FAVORITE traditions and these were the purchases! Oh, how I love it. 

this is what my brother and I got my mother for her birthday. Oh, and she's 57 in case you wanted to know! She might kill me after that one. 
sorry mom.

we seriously had a blast staying up late and doing life together. Please, promise me this one thing. 
You'll take time soon to spend time with your girls and just "do" life. Nothing beats it. 

now.. I've got to catch you up on my doings...

I think you can figure these out for yourself. Fun, fun times! Hope you ladies (and maybe gents) are having a wonderful week! Leave me some comment love.


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I'm in love with that purse from HB! LOVEEEE!