Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Ornament Swap, EVER.



This was too much fun. If you ever have the chance to be in an ornament swap through a blog, DO IT. It's too much fun! I wasn't sure exactly what ornament I wanted but I took my time shopping for the ornaments that I felt would represent me as well as my blog swap partner.

Carissa was my partner and I read up on her blog to get a feel for her personality and style. She was much too easy to buy for because she was into a little of everything and I found some sweet ornaments that she will share that I felt would fit her style.

She found these adorable ornaments that I couldn't wait to put on my tree. 

I have two trees in my apartment, Yes.. don't judge me. 
I absolutely ADORE Christmas Decor. 
anyway.. this is my Ole Miss decor tree in my kitchen. And in order for you to make an appearance on this tree, you have to have some type of red and blue on you. 

Here are the awesome ornaments that she gifted me.  See the plaid reindeer, the snowflakes and the Santa Hat. Isn't they adorable? I think that they are perfect for this fun tree! 

Here is my little Kitchen corner. i adore seeing this lit up every night.  It's just so cozy! 
 Carissa- Thank you so much for making my first Blog Ornament swap a success. I hope you are enjoying your ornaments and I can't wait to read more about you on your blog.

Merry Christmas, Y'all.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

This 'n That Thursday!

Recently Roached

 I might just be obsessed with happy everything products! I adore looking at this everyday! 
Some kid asked me today why I had a school bus. HELLO, kid. Do you know where we are every day?

This sweet face got in trouble yesterday. After a long day at work this bad tail wasn't greeted very nicely after seeing this. She got a #petshame photo and Santa is watching her every move now. But, as the picture says.. Her Nonna told me she was just bored. HA! Okay...

I'm doing 2 blog Ornament swaps and I decided to check out Pier I the other night. Oh, em, gee! Why have I not been in this beautiful place before for Christmas decor? It was amazing! I had too much fun seeing all this pretty stuff! :)
Decided to go see my First Grade babies (if you are confused, check out my previous posts) the other night in their Christmas play and this is the outfit I chose. Obsessed. You'll see me in this Friday night, my bunco friends! It might be my new favorite outfit!

 Just a little randomness that is my life. Hope you are all ready for the next coming days. In School time, Christmas Holidays have begun. We are all ready for the 2 weeks off. :)

Now, you are all jealous of my profession, right?  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my heart.

Okay ladies and gentleman. It's time for THAT post. 

I know that life happens in seasons. I've always been told you graduate high school, go to college, get your MRS. degree and live happily every after. Well, i'll take a rain check because that didn't happen here.

Now, let me be real for a moment. I'm not a sad individual who is miserable in life and moping around to find that someone special but it is a desire in my heart. I have been very independent my entire life and I love doing things with friends and family. That will NEVER change. But, I want a guy to share in those memories with me.

I know many of my friends who are in the same boat I am and we are all trusting in our Savior to bring that person to us in his good time. I tell myself over and over and over again that his ways are not our ways and are always more than we could ever imagine!

Also, I have some great role models of what a true, lasting marriage looks like and I want that for everyone I know. 

This is just a post to get this out there. God knows what's best for us in all seasons of life, especially when we are looking for a life mate.

So, if you have any prospects.. send them my way! 

and pray for all of us single gals. We need them, promise!

Hope your week is going wonderfully!

amen, amen, amen!

Monday, December 10, 2012

And the craziness begins....

So, we had a little Friday night Mexican food adventure planned at our favorite small town restaurant and look how we showed up. 
3 generations wearing the same exact shirt. I didn't know whether to laugh or be completely embarrassed! 
We had a great time! :)

Seriously, these ladies are such an inspiration to our family and myself. I hope I am just like them when I "grow up". 

On Saturday, our church went to the Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, TN. Such a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. 
I had the privilege of sitting by little Mary Michael all day. She is too funny!

diva action.

Then, today we ordered Christmas cards, don't judge us. I came home early and now I'm being a bum. 
Where is Christmas break?? Snow?? Anything??

Now, I "mustache" you a question...
How was your weekend?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Friday.


Dear Special Education, i always knew that you were going to be a part of my life, some way, some how but I didn't realize this soon! You have been nice to me and I'm really enjoying my babies. Thanks for your kindness. :) Dear Pinterest, how did people teach without you? Seriously, you are my best friend. Dear bank account, could you grow over night? Please and Thank you! Dear Elf on the shelf inventors, you are a genius. These things are in every classroom in our school and we love all the fun activities that you can do with those friends watching over your babies. Dear Friday, you are almost here and I couldn't be happier. You are welcome ALL the time! Dear quote, how true you are.

** diet coke of course.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello, Wednesday. Let's go! 

{one} I'm loving my new happy from a sweet friend. If you would like more information about her work, let me know. 


I am loving seeing all the Christmas decorations that people are posting on Facebook and twitter. Love this time of year! 

{three} I am loving the ladies that I work with and the opportunity to start a new job and not feel like a failure every day. I am starting to get the hang of the job and I really enjoy the kids that I get to do life with. They are such a blessing!

{four} loving that for the next couple of weeks, it will be a crazy mess. I just love being busy celebrating Christmas with the people I love. So many fun outings planned and I can't wait for each and every one. 

I have to remember this Christmas, as every one that Jesus is the reason we celebrate. No matter where we go, what happens, and what is expected of us-- we are on Earth to celebrate his birth. 

Happy Wednesday and let's start the countdown to the Happiest Day on Earth! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little re-do.

Before I forget, Craigslist is WONDERFUL!

Especially for people like me who are cheap(er) and love to re-do things and make it more mine.  I wanted a cute display shelf to put my pottery in and I never could find anything that was "exactly" what I was looking for. Well....

One day I was searching on Craigslist and found this gem

Let me explain.. It was ugly brown, dirty and needing some love but that's just what "we" showed it. Yes, this turned into a family affair. My mother, daddy and I took some time to show the cabinet some love and attention. And now, this beauty is in my apartment showing off some of my lovelies. 

My McCarty pottery is my weakness and I love that I can display it now. Don't trust everything you see on Craigslist but have fun searching every now and then or if you are like me, every day. OOPS!

Tell me what you've bought on Craigslist, or have you ever tried it?

Happy Sunday Night, y'all.