Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making JESUS Attractive.

We are talking deep/serious stuff today. Just bear with me and let me share my thoughts.

How many of you ladies have ever thought about what the world thinks of you? 

Every one of you better be raising your hand!
It's Human nature for us to wonder about how people see us. But, guess what? I find so much comfort in the fact that Jesus doesn't care what we look like, where we've been, or how much money we make.

So, so thankful for this truth because I fail him over and over and over and over again.

I often think about how my career is exactly what I went to school to do and yet I complain about the pay so often. Then, slap back to reality, there are so many ladies/gentleman that are praying for a teaching job, ANYWHERE! I know this because I've been there. I just have to remember that pay will go up with years/degrees and right now is exactly where he wants me to be. 
Thank you Lord even when I'm not grateful enough.  

let me lighten the mood for a sec.

For real...

**Thank you Lord, that I can help others.

Another thing I'm often thinking about is how do others see Jesus in me? Last night at Bible Study, David mentioned being faithful to your husband, even in your singleness. It's awesome to think that God knows exactly what is going to happen in my life and he wants me to be faithful through ever circumstance in my life.  I really hope that people see Jesus in my words, my actions, and my attitude.

As the title names, this was my Bible study the other night. I loved the part that said "making Jesus attractive to all, getting everyone involved." Such a good reminder that people are watching who we hang out with, what we do, and how we talk. I know we all fail at this but I know for a fact that I need to work on the last one of those things.

How are you showing people that Jesus is in you? Let's keep each other accountable! 

it's almost Friday, y'all!