Sunday, January 13, 2013

the time my birthday lasted a week.

I feel like my birthday is one. whole.week.

I am one blessed girl and I can't thank everyone enough for the sweet, encouraging words that were spoken to me on turning 24.

Wow. 24. I really can't believe I'm that old already.

So, I've got lots of snippets to share with you so here goes.
(i apologize for the amount of pics that are coming.) 

thrift finds- Mama and I went to a yard sale Saturday morning and I scored some wonderful items. My favorite would probably be those shoes up there. Badgley Mischka, y'all. I love them.

sweet friends- I love when my friends take time to show that they care. Thank you girls for investing in my life. Love you, both! 
I've known both of these girls most of my life and they have been there through all of the different seasons of life. Here's to a few more! :)

Puppy child- Harper wanted a pic with her mama. Love that sweet girl.

my friends know how much i text and drive- I love when they call me out. Yes, I know that this is dangerous and I need to quit. 

Where's Waldo?-- My friend Michelle and I send each other pics and play this game. Anyone know where this pretty sight is?

Better watch out, you better not hide- My Friend Marla and I went to the Range USA for my first time the other night. I am addicted! It was so fun. I've always felt that guns were something, when used correctly, that are crucial for people to have. My daddy and brother have always had guns in the house and I know that if you are brought up in the right way and careful that guns are not bad things. 
I'm interested in learning more about shooting and be sure I'll keep you up to date!

truth- Broken, angry, hurt, desperate messes that we are, and yet HE chooses us to be HIS light in a world of darkness. That's some good stuff.  I can't believe that God trusts me enough to be a part of him in our world. I love this Bible study that I am doing. Memorizing Scripture is an awesome thing that I need to do as much as possible. 

Enjoy your Monday!


LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Just got some range passes from Range USA and I'm planning on getting a gun and my permit soon. Can't wait. Happy late birthday!

Nicole Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

What a week!! So happy that you had a good birthday week. :) and seriously, I love all your thrift finds!!

Jamie Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great birthday week :) Hope you got some good thrift finds, I love thrifting, especially for home stuff!


Megan Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Sounds like you had a great birthday!!