Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{ t w i t t e r- l o v e}

Yes, everybody knows that I love Twitter! 
I love showing you some of my favorite things that I see on my "twitter" feed every week.
Are. you. ready to see some of the things that made me laugh, made me tear up and made me happy to be alive?

lets. go.

{life lessons}
Life goes by entirely too quickly! I was put on this Earth to bring a smile to anyone I meet and show them Jesus and I hope to do that with every friend I make and every stranger that I come in contact with. As I am getting older, this is really hitting home how I am not promised tomorrow and I need to make today "worth it all".

Just downloaded this "free" song from www.klove.com. Seriously, go get it NOW!


I love promises that our future is in God's hands because there are many days/nights that I truly wonder what God has up his sleeve for my life. But, in all honestly I completely trust in him and I am excited to see where he leads.

Doesn't that second picture give you chills? I am so, so thankful for all that I have blessed with but so convicted to do something for these people! I have to help!!

My friend, Daniel is killing me with his tweets. He is in Med School and is learning lots supposedly. :)
and because I figure we all were watching the Oscars. LOVED SJ Tuohy's tweet about the Oscars! Hilarious!!!

What are some of your favorite Twitter moments of the week?

Please share!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Smeechend.

Hello, dears! Hope you all had amazing weekends that you can't wait to tell about. My weekend was full of family time and relaxing just a tad. I've got a busy month of March coming up and I'm getting really excited about all of my adventures but also trying to rest a little before the time comes.

Friday night, our group had Bunco at my mother's house. Let me just tell you, this is one of my favorite times once a month! We have a great meal, we talk about important things and play the game to see who is going to win the awesome prizes that the host has picked out for us! 

and I got to meet my daddy's new work truck.
Meet "julopy". 
(My girls that I babysit named their daddy's truck that looked just like this "julopy" so in good nature, I stole the name.)

Saturday rolled around and after NOT getting to sleep late, I went to the nail salon with mama and then we went shopping with Mom. I found a few things that need to make it home with me...
I want the rabbit attachment for Easter and then I'm done. I'll have almost every holiday! We ate mexican and had a great time just looking around. 
and then...

I walked in one of my favorite stores and this little gem called my name and told me it wanted to go home with me. I can't say that my parents were thrilled but I think she's glad I listened to her. Is it weird that I'm talking about furniture talking to me? 
Does that make me crazy????
What do y'all think? I'm in love!

Then, Sat. night we went to see Safehaven and let me just say that it was totally worth the $8.50 we paid. I'm not a movie goer but I felt like this movie would be worth it and Boy, was it? Go. See. It.

I came home Saturday night and my Facebook feed was filled with Ashley+Paul's Wedding Pictures. Ley Elliot was their photographer and I love their sweet memories. It's such a sweet season in so many of my friend's lives and I couldn't be happier to share in it with them

Well, ladies.. that's my weekend. I've got to say my prayers and hit the hay. Hoping for a great school day tomorrow with my babies! Check back tomorrow for my favorite "tweets" from this past week.

See you then!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love a little laugh!

I'm a recent fan to Duck Dynasty but last night I was bored and needed to relax so I watched the DD marathon. Best decision I could have made, I laughed till it hurt.

I'm from the country and I can honestly say that my dad and brother love to hunt, fish, and do lots of things that are experienced on this show but the extent they go to kills me! Uncle Si makes me want to kiss him because he entertains like nobody's business.

Just watch this video and promise me you didn't laugh. But, I won't believe you!

If you don't watch Duck Dynasty, tune in. I really think you'll enjoy a laugh or 20,000. 

Today in school was crazzzzy. It's been gray and gloomy all day and I could have slept for the last hour of school. No worries though-- I didn't. Our kiddos have been coo-coo crazy and all over the place. I guess they are getting "almost spring break" fever.  Ah... that reminds me 16 days till I am visiting Emily & Josh in DC, and also taking a little trip to NYC! I can't wait. :)
Best and I will fill you in on instagram, twitter and facebook. PROMISE!

Sweet Harper had a bath tonight (hear that Nonna?) and she was conked out! She laid in my lap for 20 minutes and snoozed on. :)

One of my favorite pictures from this weekend. Our dresses were classy Southern and I loved our flowers too! We were on the Double Decker taking pictures when this was taken.

Feeding my leopard print obsession today! Added this purse and belt to the collection. DOTS is a store that the best introduced me to and I adore their line of clothes. Check out the website and see if they have a store near you.

*wasn't asked or compensated to share that bit of info. Just personal experience.

God blessed me with some precious friends! Alyssa who I have known for what feels like my entire life sent this Valentine's Day package today. I love snail mail and this made my heart leap! She knew that as a Single gal, I could use some encouragement. 

Thank you, Alyssa! :)
check out Her blog

Tomorrow is Friday and a Field Trip for this teacher. All prayers will be appreciated!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Birthday.

This little piece of the world wide web that I love to share my thoughts on turned 4 on Feb. 11th. I feel like such a bad person, I forgot my blog's birthday! But, it's okay because it's my blog and I can do what I want, so we are celebrating today. 

This blog of mine has traveled through college memories, Mission trips, weddings of dear friends, babies being born and some really sad times as well. I've shared with you my friends the times that I've been scared, embarassed and angry. It's true.. Bloggers aren't always in a sweet, great mood.

I'm so thankful that you have hung around and continue to read my thoughts on everyday life. I'm continually trying to better the blog and make myself a better blogger in the process. So, hang with me and share in my life adventures won't ya?

and for those of you wondering. My lie from yesterday was def. me piercing my own ears. I am a HUGE baby and can't stand the thought of needles or blood. I would probably have passed out with the first feeling of pain. But, that means the other two are truths and that's even scarier! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Am I lion?

So, in good form I'm doing this fun link-up. This takes me back to Lower Elementary when we played this game and had to guess which one we were lying about. Now, I must warn you... I am a TERRIBLE liar. Just ask my parents. I giggle and blush and just can't keep it together. 

Choose which one you think I am lying about and tell me in the comments. I'll be sure and let you in on the secret tomorrow. I want to leave you guessing for a while. If you are a friend of mine, don't bust me out. Just secretly type away in the comments box.

Please and thank you!

- I have stopped on the side of the highway, going towards Memphis and seen a Psychic with my friend. I laughed the entire time and ticked off the palm reader. Oops. And when my mama found out, she was livid. Oh, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 

-- I've ridden an Elephant at the circus in my hometown. I had a broke arm in the process and my family refused the donkey but allowed the elephant ride.

--- I pierced my own ears with a needle and ice cubes. It was the worst 3 minutes of pain I have ever endured. I recommend having it done for you!

Guess away! Isn't this fun?? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gasson/Lawrence Wedding!

Sweet Emily and Josh finally got hitched this weekend and it couldn't have been more fun! She was stunning, he was giddy and now they are going to live their Happily Ever After.
If you want to see the engagement post, check it out here
We had such a great weekend. Here's the proof...

Bow Bouquet-- Every Southern Bride has to have one. :)
Sweet couple and their perfect rehearsal dinner.

Here is a little bit of the whole weekend that I put on Instagram Saturday night! These people mean the world to me! Wasn't it such a precious, Southern affair!?

Emily and Josh got married at the Paris Yates Chapel on the Ole Miss campus. So precious, especially for all of us Ole Miss Grads! We rode around Saturday before the wedding on the Double Decker bus and my heart could have burst at any moment! I adored the weekend in my favorite place on Earth.

The Rehearsal dinner was at the Oxford-University Club on the Square and we had a great meal, fun speeches and great laughs catching up with friends! Then, the Bridesmaids went back to the Inn At Ole Miss and relaxed and talked about old times until Midnight! So fun!!

Saturday Morning, Emily woke us up bright and early, and our morning was filled with a Bridal Brunch in the lobby of the hotel! We all wore our matching floral robes and had a great time with family/friends!

Then it was wedding time.... :)

And just when we were all enjoying the reception at the Inn, a little surprise for the Bride and Groom turned into an awesome time for us all! :)


so sorry. I was a little excited. The place got CRAZY!!!

And here they are... If you aren't sure who the heck these people are, check them out on YouTube. King Kobraz, "Feed Moncrief" and "TSUN's of Guns". 

We danced the night away and then they left!!! Now, the husband and wife are honeymooning in Wine Country. :)

I get to see them in 19 days in their new home and I. can't. wait!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I haven't done this link-up in a long time so I thought today was perfect for it. :) These are some of my instagram photos from the past couple of weeks. Come see what my life is like, will ya?

{one} I started school again! Masters Degree, here I come... Can't wait to walk across that Grove stage again. Prayers are appreciated!

{two} My apartment is what I like to call "shabby chic". Nothing matches and I love it! Seriously-- I tell people that my apartment is Goodwill #2. :) Come see us!

{three} My Birthday present from Michelle. One of my girls who I've known my E.N.T.I.R.E life. Anything that is girly needs to be on my desk at school. 

{four} Sweet Harper wanted to wear my leopard scarf! :) Isn't she the cutest dog model? I need to get her a contract...

{five} New Family pictures on my coffee table. I adore my family, they are the best!

{six} My brother wanted to see how fast I could get ready for a fire. It took me .56 seconds. I'm so glad that's his profession, not mine. :)

{seven}  Mama and I got mani/pedis on Saturday. I loved the new shop that we went to! Isn't it cute?

{Eight}  My cutesy monogrammed cup with chocolate milk! I've becoming fond of this new found habit. 

{nine}  Emily and Josh's Wedding is in 3 days now! I was bored last night and decided to make a sweet reminder for myself. Can't wait to be in Oxford and celebrating with them. Get ready for picture overload on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Be sure and find me with my buttons above! 

I've had a training at our county office for the past two days on CPI (a type of self-defense) for teachers. I've learned some awesome techniques and pray that I never have to use them but if I do, I'm trained! I'm pooped but excited for a great rest of the week.

Oh, I have to share my Goodwill purchase yesterday. I've been looking for a cute, cheap fur vest all season and finally found one that I liked. It's not full fur but for $2.99 I had to have it! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Twitter love for the week.

So, one day I was reading blogs and thought that I needed to do a Twitter recap of the week. I am in love with some twitter feeds and I love to hear what celebrities, normal people like me and complete strangers have to say.  

So, now comes my idea. Let's roll with it. If you would like to join in, feel free to blog about it too! :)

How true is this? People are always watching! Be sure they can say something nice about you!

if this doesn't melt your heart, who are you? So. stinkin. precious!

The Single Woman is much too clever! I've been seeing some crazy personal stuff lately on Facebook/Twitter and I want to send this message in an email. Please stop yourself!

This lady teaches at my school! She was my Mentor teacher last year and I'm so glad I got to teach with her. I can't imagine teaching that long in the same place, same room for that matter. Pray for patience for her! haha.

I can't wait to continue this little project. :) 

The Bachelor was GOOD tonight. Trash tv at its finest. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can it really be over already?

Well, its Monday again. 
I will put a smile on my face and be thankful for all I have.- I have to tell myself this over and over and over again on a Monday.

I feel the need for a list. It makes my OCD brain happy.
1.) Friday night, Mama and I picked up my dress for the wedding this weekend! I can not believe that it is here! :) Weddings are my favorite! 
We ate my favorite meal, MEXICAN and then went to visit Adam at the Fire Department. Then this happened.

2.) Saturday I slept late, got pedicures with Mama and spent some time with sweet friends. :)

Isn't this shop precious? Her pet lemur.. kinda freaky but really sweet!

Then I got to meet my newest cousin, Chloe Elizabeth Garrard. She is one precious baby! Can't wait to hold her and love on her!

It's been a great weekend! Got a long week ahead and then Em/Josh's Wedding Weekend! Can.not.wait.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

the time when I'm random.

it's Thursday y'all. 
So, so thankful that a weekend is ahead. It's about dang time.

let me just be random today and throw around what's in this head of mine. I can promise you that this week has been crazy so I'm not responsible for what comes out. Deal?

{one} Wednesday was a great, great day to be an Ole Miss Rebel.
as if everyday isn't. Our team got some awesome recruits and I feel like this pictures above show how the day went for "Our State."- hehe. #hottytoddy

{two} This curling wand came home with me Saturday night and I've loved getting used to it. I haven't practiced a lot with how it works but I do like it better than any curling iron I've ever used. They have always crinkled me hair and I would get mad at the darn thing.

{three}  My new mantra! Don't believe me? Watch!

{four} I got told this week that I missed my calling as an Interior Designer and it made me think. Seriously! 

{five} I picked up my Valentine happy from Ms. Rachel and I love, love it! I've gotten so many complements from teachers about it and of course I have to brag on her. 
Seriously, we have to hang out more, missy!

Okay, I've been random enough and I have 45 things to do before bedtime. Plus, I need to be concentrating on McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy instead of blogging. Duh.