Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Am I lion?

So, in good form I'm doing this fun link-up. This takes me back to Lower Elementary when we played this game and had to guess which one we were lying about. Now, I must warn you... I am a TERRIBLE liar. Just ask my parents. I giggle and blush and just can't keep it together. 

Choose which one you think I am lying about and tell me in the comments. I'll be sure and let you in on the secret tomorrow. I want to leave you guessing for a while. If you are a friend of mine, don't bust me out. Just secretly type away in the comments box.

Please and thank you!

- I have stopped on the side of the highway, going towards Memphis and seen a Psychic with my friend. I laughed the entire time and ticked off the palm reader. Oops. And when my mama found out, she was livid. Oh, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 

-- I've ridden an Elephant at the circus in my hometown. I had a broke arm in the process and my family refused the donkey but allowed the elephant ride.

--- I pierced my own ears with a needle and ice cubes. It was the worst 3 minutes of pain I have ever endured. I recommend having it done for you!

Guess away! Isn't this fun??