Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{ t w i t t e r- l o v e}

Yes, everybody knows that I love Twitter! 
I love showing you some of my favorite things that I see on my "twitter" feed every week.
Are. you. ready to see some of the things that made me laugh, made me tear up and made me happy to be alive?

lets. go.

{life lessons}
Life goes by entirely too quickly! I was put on this Earth to bring a smile to anyone I meet and show them Jesus and I hope to do that with every friend I make and every stranger that I come in contact with. As I am getting older, this is really hitting home how I am not promised tomorrow and I need to make today "worth it all".

Just downloaded this "free" song from www.klove.com. Seriously, go get it NOW!


I love promises that our future is in God's hands because there are many days/nights that I truly wonder what God has up his sleeve for my life. But, in all honestly I completely trust in him and I am excited to see where he leads.

Doesn't that second picture give you chills? I am so, so thankful for all that I have blessed with but so convicted to do something for these people! I have to help!!

My friend, Daniel is killing me with his tweets. He is in Med School and is learning lots supposedly. :)
and because I figure we all were watching the Oscars. LOVED SJ Tuohy's tweet about the Oscars! Hilarious!!!

What are some of your favorite Twitter moments of the week?

Please share!


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