Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Happy Monday, ladies! It's time to share the shenanigans from the weekend and I'm gonna go right into it.

{one} Friday was a causal workday and most definitely a great day for yelling my Rebs to victory in the NCAA Tourney! I was very excited too because my sweet Mama was coming to stay with me for the weekend! {two} I absolutely LOVE my Friday Freebies from Aubrey. Looking at this every day makes me smile! {three} Shopping with mama made me super excited for this season and the pretty colors that go along with it. Can't wait to add some of these colors into my wardrobe. {four} I felt like my Sunday Church outfit should be documented.. not sure why! {five} Mama Donna and I saying "fins up" Hotty Toddy! {six} I may or may not have waiting till the night before to study for my first Grad School class. Afterthought: it was def. the hardest test I have ever taken in my entire life! {seven} A little piece of comfort before Bible Study! Love Groupon for giving me a ten dollar deal for $5 buckaroos. {eight} Love the Snapchats that this sweet, blogger friend and I send back and forth to each other. This was during our REBS' basketball game and it was a nail biter, for sure. {nine} Amen and amen.

Do tell! How was your weekend and what was your favorite thing that you did?

This weekend we celebrate our Sweet Savior rising from the grave! Oh, what a STORY! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tweet this, tweet that.

I just love this link-up because I constantly favorite tweets that I laugh at, cry over, or just plain love to read. So, it's fun getting to share with you these rare gems. If you don't already, follow me on twitter {@tchrlp}  I don't tweet as often as some but I love to tweet as much as possible. 

let's get to the real deal of this post.

How many of you sweet, Southern mamas have heard this quote before? I can't wait {that is.. if it's in the plans} for God to give me a precious cotton headed baby who can wear huge bows and sweet mocked outfits! Oh, I'm not wishing my life away but I really can't wait for these days! 

If you aren't sure who this band is.. they wrote some music that pumps every Ole Miss fan up and irritates every state fan who ever lived. Oh boy...
They wrote songs for the football and basketball teams and I just love it!

They sang those songs at Josh and Em's Wedding and we got to have a little camera action with them! 

Hotty toddy! My Ole Miss Rebels are the SEC Champs and that makes this lady 
happy, happy, happy! Sunday afternoon, Mama, my brother and I enjoyed the game and my daddy couldn't take his Sunday nap because we were yelling at the t.v. a little too loud.

Now, for the game tomorrow all prayers and happy thoughts would be appreciated. We need this win! Our boys deserve it.

I tweeted on Sunday afternoon during the game in which we were only winning by a couple of points that Ole Miss would be the death of me. Then, I keep scrolling and I see this. It's SO true.. Ole Miss always seems to be ahead and let go of it in the 4th quarter or 2nd half of a game and that makes me justttt a little anxious.

Well, so sorry that this post turned into all about Ole Miss 101. I guess that's where my mind is right now. Hope you all have had lovely weeks and are super excited about the weekend ahead!

My sweet mama is coming to town and I can't wait to spend time with her. I'm sure lots of good meals, shopping and adventure will happen so stalk me on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy Weekend to you!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the best spring break.

Oh, how i LOVE spring break!

{let me say now how thankful I am that Josh and Emily let us stay with them. I thank my God every time I think about meeting those two at Ole Miss, seriously! So, so thankful!}

A long, long time ago (it seems) the college roomate, Emily and I planned for me to come to D.C. to stay with her and her hubs. See.. they got married in February and of course they needed a little piece of Mississippi up there to remind them of why they need to move HOME! 

just kidding. that's not how it went. So, Caitlyn and I planned this marvelous trip and these are our stories.

bum, bum.{cue the Law and Order sounds}

                                                       D.C. was our first stop! 

1.) Caitlyn had never flown before and this was us post flight. We were waiting on Emily to get there from their apartment and we were ready for the adventures.2.) Beautiful Washington Monument. Probably my favorite picture from the trip and it better be when I think of how far we had to walk that day... 3.) Shake Shack- Always wanted to try it and it was a super good hamburger and fry meal. Felt like home... :) 4.) Walking to the Metro after one of our fabulous meals. We ate at some of the best places in D.C. 5.) We had to walk to church on Sunday, (Capitol Hill Baptist Church) and look what we passed. Hopefully one day I'll be able to see the inside because the outside is Beautiful. 6.) Sweet Emily and I taking a break at the WWII Memorial. Let me tell you, this girl loves some history and we went to most of the memorials in one day. So touching! 7.) Caitlyn and I at Lincoln Memorial. Betta' bet we walked up those stairs! 8.) Founding Farmers, oh my! One of the best meals of the trip. Everything is completely grown by the farmers and listen.. just check it out for yourself. 9.) James W. Robbins, one of my Mom's brothers killed in War. Found his name on the wall and sent the picture to my grandmother. This place was such a humbling experience. Go see it if you are ever in D.C.

Recap: Emily and Josh were awesome tour guides, we ate at some fabulous restaurants and walked more than I have walked in 5 years. I made tons of memories and can't wait to visit SOON!


1.) Oh, yes! We rode a bus from D.C.- NYC. 4 hours, sleep, and strangers. You decide! 2.) Our hotel, Hotel Carter.  Never again. Google it. Enough said! But.. location was perfect. 3.) I tried on a $155,000 diamond at Tiffany's and didn't want to leave my baby there. See you one day, my friend! 4.) The new Twin Tower. We just stood there and looked up because it is such a somber place. We will never forget... 5.) We left our mark in Little Italy while we ate the best Italian food I have ever eaten. 6.) Times Square.. Where I feel alive the most. 7.) Girls Trip! We were exhausted at this point and found some girls from Aberdeen, MS to take our picture. We also had just yelled Hotty Toddy to some teenagers who walked by with Mississippi State sweatshirts on. 8.) NYC Metro/Subway. 9.) Beautiful St. Paul's Church at Ground Zero. 

This was my 3rd time in New York city and I still didn't see everything that I would like to. Let's start planning another trip! :)

Of course I haven't shared all the memories, or pictures that I would like to but you get the drift. I have a great time and can't wait to go visit again!

I. miss. spring. break.

also linking up with Helene

Helene in Between

Monday, March 18, 2013

A little bit of shenanigans.

It's Monday, after Spring Break and I have a freakin' headache.

I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm sad Spring Break is over or if I'm seriously coming down with something. Pray it's the first excuse! :)

Linking up today with Sweet Sami to share with you what my weekend looked like. After a crazy fun week in D.C. and New York I was ready for a little down time before school started back. That's what I got even though I somehow stayed busy too. 

Btw: get ready! A recap of my lovely SB trip will be recapped before the week is over. 
Hold me to it, people. 

{Hilarious texts from the friends}- We are girls, we think about these things. 
{mint converse}- I adore my new kicks. I haven't owned a pair of these since high school and I was so giddy when I bought these the other day. My grandmother said, "girl, those are old school." :)
{my partner in crime, Harper} We both weren't feeling well and shared the pillow on the couch. Could she be any cuter?
{Easter Decor in the Apt.} I've said it over and over. I am my mother's child. She started decorating last week and I had to follow. LOVE seeing this everyday!

Check back soon! I'll have a fun update about our SB2013 trip! Can't wait to show you what fun we had!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

I am SO excited that SB2013 is almost here and ready for some fun! I'm going to Washington D.C. and New York with two of my absolute favorite ladies.

Follow in the journey on Instagram and twitter with the links below.

Instagram- @tchrlp (Lauren) and @caitlynk02 (best)

I'm hoping for great weather and way too many memories to count. Pray for our safety and our wallets! Hope they both help us come back! :)

Love y'all.

Happy Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The T r a d i t i o n continues!

Have I really not posted in over a week?
This week has been coo-coo crazy and I'm just now feeling back to myself so bare with me. 
I'm still sad about not being able to link up with Sami for her weekend update but no fear my friends, this is what this post is about to become. 

So, the girls in my family have this little tradition that we like to call the McCarty pottery sale. It's a seconds sale and in pottery terms that means it might have just a little something wrong with it but a BIG markdown of the price.
well, every year I say that I will NEVER go back and yet I find myself there every year. 

So, March 2, 2013 it all began. 
ready for the adventure?

Mrs. Leslie, a precious sweet friend, left her house around 2:00 and got to Merigold, MS around 4:30. Oh, it had just begun. We put out our chairs and we were number 57-58. Before you ask me, people had been camping out since Friday so we were lucky to get this spot.  Think I'm crazy? Just wait!                                                                          

So, Saturday night we ate at Crawdad's in Merigold and then went back to our car to wait and wait and wait. We brought a portable DVD player, watched Obsessed, and then went to bed along with a couple of the other crazies who slept in their car. :)

We made some friends who rented a hotel room and they felt so bad for us that they brought us yummy coffee the next morning! Our little heaters were wonderful while we had to sit out in the cold weather. :)

My chair where we sat forever waiting to get into the sale. We had to be in our chairs from 9:00 AM till 4:30 pm. Do you think I am cray yet?

2nd picture- we were ALMOST into the building and by this time your adrenaline is going strong and you are ready! :)

My partner in crime this year! 
We did some damage!!

{ we finally made it inside and it took us 2 hours to get out of the building} 

But... look at what I got! Plus some pieces that my mama wanted!

I've already said I won't be going next year but we shall see!

McCarty is not for the faint of heart but if you love the pottery, it's an amazing time! 

Questions? Ask away!

and... please don't think I'm crazy like everyone says that I am.