Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The T r a d i t i o n continues!

Have I really not posted in over a week?
This week has been coo-coo crazy and I'm just now feeling back to myself so bare with me. 
I'm still sad about not being able to link up with Sami for her weekend update but no fear my friends, this is what this post is about to become. 

So, the girls in my family have this little tradition that we like to call the McCarty pottery sale. It's a seconds sale and in pottery terms that means it might have just a little something wrong with it but a BIG markdown of the price.
well, every year I say that I will NEVER go back and yet I find myself there every year. 

So, March 2, 2013 it all began. 
ready for the adventure?

Mrs. Leslie, a precious sweet friend, left her house around 2:00 and got to Merigold, MS around 4:30. Oh, it had just begun. We put out our chairs and we were number 57-58. Before you ask me, people had been camping out since Friday so we were lucky to get this spot.  Think I'm crazy? Just wait!                                                                          

So, Saturday night we ate at Crawdad's in Merigold and then went back to our car to wait and wait and wait. We brought a portable DVD player, watched Obsessed, and then went to bed along with a couple of the other crazies who slept in their car. :)

We made some friends who rented a hotel room and they felt so bad for us that they brought us yummy coffee the next morning! Our little heaters were wonderful while we had to sit out in the cold weather. :)

My chair where we sat forever waiting to get into the sale. We had to be in our chairs from 9:00 AM till 4:30 pm. Do you think I am cray yet?

2nd picture- we were ALMOST into the building and by this time your adrenaline is going strong and you are ready! :)

My partner in crime this year! 
We did some damage!!

{ we finally made it inside and it took us 2 hours to get out of the building} 

But... look at what I got! Plus some pieces that my mama wanted!

I've already said I won't be going next year but we shall see!

McCarty is not for the faint of heart but if you love the pottery, it's an amazing time! 

Questions? Ask away!

and... please don't think I'm crazy like everyone says that I am. 


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I hate, hate, hate that I missed it! I totally procrastinated on doing my 10 day for student teaching so I was unfortunately stuck at home. From what my mom said about it, it is INTENSE (and we're Black Friday shoppers to the extreme so that's saying something) but I think I will be giving it a try next year!