Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Hey friends! I just want to curl up and sleep.. for a long, long time. Guess that means it was a wonderful weekend, huh? Friday, my sweet Harper(fur baby) got attacked by a Boxer. She is a 12lb. Maltese and this dog probably weighed a good 45-50lbs. and it broke this mama's heart. She is healing but she was very sore all weekend and is on antibiotics to help her get better. Please, if you hear nothing else, keep your dogs under your watch. I know that anything can happen but not only did my dog get injured- minding her own business, but I had to spend my hard earned $$ for something that YOU did to my dog. 

Rant over.

After that scare, my weekend was looking up!
{one} My sweet mama and I enjoying Double Decker. The woman has worked at Ole Miss for 30 years and had never been. I love experiencing new things with her!{two} I fell in love with this chevron tray! Somebody find me one! :){three}I have a feeling this is what heaven is going to look like. Don't you agree? A room with nothing but Ole Miss memorabilia.{four} I got to meet a blog/new in real life friend at Double Decker. It's just the neatest feeling seeing these people that you read about in public. My mama may or may not have thought I was crazy. Faison is starting a new blog and I can't wait to share the link with you when she opens it up!{five}I'm loving my new tank top from DD. I just love some Oxford, Mississippi. 

Sunday- My family had a surprise party for my Uncle and we had some of the best BBQ in Mississippi. Yum to the tum. 

My weekend was lovely and now it's Monday night and I'm sleepy. I just took my final in my 1st ever Graduate class and I'm so happy to say that I'm done. I'll be taking classes this summer so until then, I'm free. 

How was your weekend? Hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more.

He's still working on me. To make me what I want to be.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters.


Dear Double Decker: I can't wait to see you again. Please don't be miserable. I actually think this year's weather may be pleasant. Dear Payday: Why must you take so long? I've not been good this month and I kinda might need you soon. You should come see us sooner! Dear Summer: I'm not ready for grad school but I am ready for friend time, shopping, pool days and the lovely Mississippi heat. (i might be exaggerating there).        Dear mexican food: We have a love/hate relationship. I absolutely love you when I am inhaling your goodness but then I feel full for 24 hours. Dear Grey's Anatomy: I was so glad you were new last night. I've missed you and tweeting all throughout the show. Maybe I should have went to med school. hahahaha. Dear career day at school: let my kiddos have a great time and let them all grow up to be whatever their hearts desire. :)

and just for a funny....

Our biggest rival! :)
Hotty toddy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Re-route yourself.

I'm doing something a little different today. I'm talking teaching over on my "teaching blog".

Don't get too excited, I rarely write over there but this one had to be said.

Check it out and hopefully I'll have more to share weekly next fall. :)

Let me know your thoughts, opinions and ideas for a blog makeover for both this blog and my "teaching blog". I'm in desperate need! 

Love Y'all! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hey Friends! 
I got to an awesome college/career ministry on Wednesday nights at 
Longview Heights Baptist Church. 
Recently, we have been talking about what our relationship with elders, widows, and our parents look like as a faith family. A couple of weeks ago, David put this quote in our message guide and it really spoke to me.

"The inevitable fact is, with the rhythm of generations a dramatic reversal comes to us all. We who once held our helpless children in our arms and nursed them and provided for their every need will one day be held in their arms as they nurse us at the end of our lives. This responsibility will come to us all. And when we sons and daughters do this, we are only making "some return to our parents."  We will be living out the fifth commandment. We will be showing godliness to our own household." We will not have God's approval without such loving family care- for this is pleasing in the sight of God."
-Bryan Chappell

Hello! Eye opener. I know this is some deep stuff but I truly believe that people need to realize that parents are truly gifts and that we need to respect them and give them the honor that they deserve.

Many times I've disappointed my parents and probably made them want to go "bat crazy" but they still respect me as an individual and love me for who I am. I've heard many stories of people who feel hindered by their parents and I can honestly say that my parents have always trusted me and allowed me to make my own decisions. For that, I want to say how much it has helped me grow into the adult that God made me to be.

Now, when my mama hints for grandchildren she knows what could happen. But she trusts me enough to know that I'm going to make the smartest decision! :)


So thankful for these people and our relationship as they and I get older. I can't wait to see all the memories that we are going to make with the years to come. And when the time comes for me to take care of them, hopefully I'll be rich and can hire a nanny for them. 

I'm totally kidding.

love and honor your parents, my friends!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

I love weekends when my family comes up and we shop, eat at local restaurants and I'm able to show them my life in "the haven". My mama came up Friday night and we lived it up. She's a cool cat, I tell you. 
My weekend started on Thursday night according to my collage. :)
fyi: my collage went crazy and the pictures are all out of order. Sorry you'll have to figure out the pictures! :) Thank goodness y'all are so smart!
1&2.) Friends from church and I went to Central BBQ and Muddy's Bakery. Let me tell you, two of my new favorite places! 3.) Mama brought my Double Decker shirt. I can't wait for this weekend. #hottytoddy 
4.) Saturday, we went to the Helen Brett jewelry show and these were my favorite  purchases. I saw the beach cup holder on pinterest and was so excited when I saw them there. Also, my Marley Lilly inspired purse. So cute for game days and such when I only need a small purse. Monogram was everywhere this year! I absolutely think that you can't have too many things that are stamped with your initials! 
5.) Peppers with mama after church. Love their sandwiches. 
6.) So lucky to have such a great relationship with this lady. 
LOVE YOU, mama!

It's Monday again and I'm ready for these days to dwindle down and it be summer! I'll be taking classes this summer but that's still a break from the beautiful chaos of being a teacher! I will miss those babies though. 

Hope y'all are ready for this week! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I grow up.

Two Thirds Hazel

Some people think that when you are 24, live in a completely different city as your parents and pay your own bills that you are a grownup! Well, as far as that goes, some of it is true. But, I still love to do crazy, adventurous things, play pranks on people and depend on my parents way more than I should. Do you relate to any of these things? 


I'm not alone.

Let's move along.

In a perfect world, these are the things I plan to do/have. Here we go...

Isn't that a beauty? She doesn't have to be that big of course but that would be an added plus. I know that the marriage is based on so much more than a sparkly diamond. I want a man who respects me for who I am and what I can do to better him.

I want a house that I can call my own. Somewhere where my family and I can make beautiful memories and feel safe always!

I want a precious baby girl AND boy that I can spoil, share Jesus with and parent to the best of my ability. Being a momma is all that I have ever wanted to be and I am really hoping that is something that God has for my future. 

Most of all, when I grow up I want Jesus to show through me. Anything that happens beyond that is a plus. God has blessed me so much and I want him to know how thankful I am and keep up the attitude of gratitude.

He's still working on me
To make me what I need to be
It took him just a week to make the moon and stars
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars
How loving and patient He must be
'Cause He's still workin' on me 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday.

Well, I haven't done this link-up in a while so I figured there was no better time to share some things that I'm loving. I secretly know that you are just DYING to know what those things are.  Before I begin, I just want to say that my post yesterday about "saying what you need to say" most certainly hit home on Monday afternoon after hearing about the tragedy in Boston. That was a scheduled post and it couldn't have come on a better day.

I personally didn't know anyone affected by the events but I can only imagine what the parents of that precious 8 year old and the other people who were killed are thinking. Prayers are going up for them and I'm praying for America too. 

I'm digging these lovelies. 

This picture is right on target with the tragedy that has happened. Help us, Lord. 

These beauts are returning for a new season! I'm ecstatic!

I love this purse. It's so easy to throw anything in and run! 

I'm loving this picture from Vaught Hemingway, Saturday! I love that you can see my vintage Colonel Reb pin that my mother passed down to me. It is such a special gift. 

What are y'all loving on this Wednesday!?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Say what you need to say.

My mama, cousin, and I went to a Chonda Pierce Comedy show a couple of weeks ago and I left with some deep, convicting thoughts. So, naturally I wanted to share them with you, my friends! This lady was hilarious but had some wonderful Christian advice through her comedy and we all left feeling happy, sad and really aware of everything she had said. 

Something that stayed with me was when she talked about making sure that everything you need to say is said before it's too late. She shared about some family issues that had her not communicating with some of her loved ones. Honestly, I can't imagine being in that state where you refuse/can't forgive someone enough to talk to them. I've had fights in my days but never to the point that I refused to talk to someone. I've heard of plenty of people who have been killed suddenly or died of an illness that was in a feud with a family member. 

So, let's chat. Please... if you are in one of these relationship dilemmas with a family member/friend, pick up the phone and apologize. Even if you feel like it's not your fault because forever is a LONG time and it shouldn't be filled with you worrying if they thought about the fight/disagreement on their death bed. 

Maybe it is just me that this hits hard but I just.couldn't.imagine. Hopefully this will never be an issue with ANY of us but I beg to differ that someone reading this hasn't or isn't dealing with this at sometime in their life.

Just live and love.

Sorry for the sad post. Not many of these on my blog but when I feel there should be, there will be. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

This weekend made this heart of mine happy! Anytime I'm in Oxford, cheering on my Rebels, tis' a great adventure. I got to enjoy Oxford twice this weekend and it was wonderful. I can't wait to get back to my little piece of heaven-- in God's time!

1.) Friday- A group of us met in the Grove and watched Jarrod Neiman/Grace Potter. It def. wasn't the best concert that I've ever been to but it was fun to see friends that I haven't seen in a while. I also visited the big brother at the Fire Department and naturally, he can't take a decent pic. They had a fire call while I was there and it was neat to see how they handle things when the call comes through. 2.) I had to take a picture with my brick. #hottytoddy 3.) enough said. 4.) My mother works at Ole Miss and gave me this Colonel Reb charm a few years ago. I wore it this weekend and fell in LOVE with this picture. 5.) Some of the Ole Miss greatest. Dexter, Deuce, etc. 6.) Dexter McCluster and I. And yes, I might have been kicked off the field after this. 7,8,9) Caitlyn and I had a great time watching the Grove bowl. I got a nice one arm tan and it made me super excited for football season 2013.

That's my weekend in a wrap. How did yours turn out?

Monday morning already...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters.


Dear Grace Potter and Jarrod Neiman: Ole Miss and the Grove is ready for you. Give us a good show. Hotty Toddy! Dear Target: Why do I always find tons of stuff that just calls my name. You've got some great buyers and advertisers working for ya.  Dear iPhone: Shay revealed the disorder that I am suffering from SMAD.  Go check it out and tell me that you don't have it... liar.  Dear Bloggers: I'm so thankful for each and every one of you that reads this little journal of mine on the internet. Some interesting blog posts are in the works and I can't wait to share them with you. Dear Weekend: It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Please come in great, make yourself welcome and go by SUPER slow. 

Happy Friday to you all! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feed Moncrief.

On the blog today: the time I broke into the Vaught.

Take 3: Third time is a charm, right?

Caitlyn and I went to Old Venice for dinner on Saturday Night. I promise you, I could eat there any day of the week. I just love their food. Plus, I'm pretty pumped that they saw my twitter and retweeted after our visit.
come on, Lauren... It's a restaurant. 

We had so much fun because everyone that we went with was "experienced" and wasn't apprehensive at all. The jokes were on us when we got on the field there was a couple out there, I'm sure.. praying together.   We took our photos and got out of there! :)

If you would like to see The Vaught one day, contact me- I'm your girl!

and in case you have no idea what my blog title has to do with, here you go.

Moncrief. if you ever see this, I'm a HUGE fan...

Hotty Toddy! 

what are you doing on this lovely day?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

It's time! How was your weekend, sister? I had a great weekend but I am exhausted and ready for bed! I can't believe it is already (almost) Monday again! Let's roll...
Mama, Linda and I went to the Chonda Pierce, "Girl's Night Out" show in Tupelo. Listen, the woman is hilarious and if you have never seen her speak, it is totally worth your time/money. I wasn't so sure about it and I'm so glad that we went. I am going to share a post on something that she said that touched my heart, later on in the week. Be looking for that! I was wearing my shoes that were a Christmas present from the "best" and my sweet Harper was looking too cute not to snap a quick picture.


Woke up early for the Oxford Consignment sale and I had a little bit of luck with some purchases. Mama and I found some TOMS that were barely worn and I can't wait to start wearing those. I also got some new wayfarer sunglasses from Urban Outfitters at the sale (still had the tags, SCORE). If you are new around these parts, thrifting is a huge part of my life. :) The grandmother, mother and I went shopping for a while and my grandmother wasn't sure about picture taking in the store! ha.

Found that quote tonight on Pinterest and I loved it. Luke and Blake-- You make my heart beat a little faster! Loved the ACM's last night and I tweeted more than I have in a month. I am soooo excited that Luke Bryan won Entertainer of the Year! Go to his concerts and you'll see why! Just a little Ole Miss love- I need that Football door sign for the upcoming season. Can't wait for the Grove Bowl this weekend with some friends! 

I've got some posts scheduled this week so check back often and see where I snuck into, what I learned and maybe even some fashion posts if you are lucky.

love you gals!

Friday, April 5, 2013

{Confessional F.r.i.d.a.y.}

I confess:
  • McAlisters would be my last meal, if I ever had to make that decision.
  • I am ready to be back in the general ed classroom.
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Snapchat are my dates every night. I live the life, people. Aren't you jealous?
  • I'm hearing of more and more engagements from my lovely friends and I couldn't be happier but it still hits home in more than one way. Help a sister out, friends..
  • This lovely piece of work is my background at work and I'm believing wholeheartedly.   My God has plan. 

  • I have the best mama in the world. I love my new Peter's Pottery coaster. I have it on my "teacher" desk at work. and.. that is Apple Juice. 

  • -I do NOT drink alcohol. I tried it once in my whole entire 24 year old being and it was by accident. You can ask my friends, I don't judge for drinking but it is a personal conviction and I won't do it.

  • the pictures above make me smile. I just love looking at old pictures. Memories just roll out of those. Don't they? Share a good throwback picture with me and I'll look you forever. Makes me one happy girl.
  • It's Friday, y'all! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

{ S P R I N G Inspiration}

{ S p r i n g Must-haves!}

                                                    { S p r i n g Must-haves!} by lil-patton featuring leather ballet flats

I just love all this fun inspiration that I am seeing on Pinterest. There is so much floral, bright colors and all the fun, crazy designs that I LOVE so much! What are some of your favorite patterns/colors this Spring?

Some of my favorite {spring-y} pins!

These are a few on the ole' wishlist from Forever21. 
I'm sure I'll be adding to the list. 
Seriously, check out the fashion right now. 
Such cute things!

            My Spring Wishlist

                                   My Spring Wishlist by lil-patton featuring wayfarer sunglasses