Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hey Friends! 
I got to an awesome college/career ministry on Wednesday nights at 
Longview Heights Baptist Church. 
Recently, we have been talking about what our relationship with elders, widows, and our parents look like as a faith family. A couple of weeks ago, David put this quote in our message guide and it really spoke to me.

"The inevitable fact is, with the rhythm of generations a dramatic reversal comes to us all. We who once held our helpless children in our arms and nursed them and provided for their every need will one day be held in their arms as they nurse us at the end of our lives. This responsibility will come to us all. And when we sons and daughters do this, we are only making "some return to our parents."  We will be living out the fifth commandment. We will be showing godliness to our own household." We will not have God's approval without such loving family care- for this is pleasing in the sight of God."
-Bryan Chappell

Hello! Eye opener. I know this is some deep stuff but I truly believe that people need to realize that parents are truly gifts and that we need to respect them and give them the honor that they deserve.

Many times I've disappointed my parents and probably made them want to go "bat crazy" but they still respect me as an individual and love me for who I am. I've heard many stories of people who feel hindered by their parents and I can honestly say that my parents have always trusted me and allowed me to make my own decisions. For that, I want to say how much it has helped me grow into the adult that God made me to be.

Now, when my mama hints for grandchildren she knows what could happen. But she trusts me enough to know that I'm going to make the smartest decision! :)


So thankful for these people and our relationship as they and I get older. I can't wait to see all the memories that we are going to make with the years to come. And when the time comes for me to take care of them, hopefully I'll be rich and can hire a nanny for them. 

I'm totally kidding.

love and honor your parents, my friends!


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Love this post!! I need to print this out and shove it into the hands of the youth that talk to their parents like garbage! burns me up!