Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

I love weekends when my family comes up and we shop, eat at local restaurants and I'm able to show them my life in "the haven". My mama came up Friday night and we lived it up. She's a cool cat, I tell you. 
My weekend started on Thursday night according to my collage. :)
fyi: my collage went crazy and the pictures are all out of order. Sorry you'll have to figure out the pictures! :) Thank goodness y'all are so smart!
1&2.) Friends from church and I went to Central BBQ and Muddy's Bakery. Let me tell you, two of my new favorite places! 3.) Mama brought my Double Decker shirt. I can't wait for this weekend. #hottytoddy 
4.) Saturday, we went to the Helen Brett jewelry show and these were my favorite  purchases. I saw the beach cup holder on pinterest and was so excited when I saw them there. Also, my Marley Lilly inspired purse. So cute for game days and such when I only need a small purse. Monogram was everywhere this year! I absolutely think that you can't have too many things that are stamped with your initials! 
5.) Peppers with mama after church. Love their sandwiches. 
6.) So lucky to have such a great relationship with this lady. 
LOVE YOU, mama!

It's Monday again and I'm ready for these days to dwindle down and it be summer! I'll be taking classes this summer but that's still a break from the beautiful chaos of being a teacher! I will miss those babies though. 

Hope y'all are ready for this week!